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Say hello to the UK’s answer to Mr Naga. 2 x Mr Naga Chilli Pickle - Best Hot Naga Pickle ever 190g - Special Offer . Naga Chilli Pickle – ‘A Bangladeshi Style Pickle’ – A very spicy traditional ‘Bangladeshi style’ chilli pickle with Naga (Bhut Jolokia / ghost chilli / ghost pepper), a blend of asian spices and Scotch Bonnet Chilli Pepper mash. MR NAGA, The Best Hot Naga Pickle In The Market . Being very hot use MR NAGA according to taste. Naga King Chilli Pickle, King Chilli Pickle, World Hottest Chili, Bhoot Jolokia, Bhut Jolokia pickle, Spicy pickle Refigerate after oprning and consume within 4 weeks. Mr Naga is a hot pickle with a special flavour that deserves serious credit, and is often used by Indian takeaways and restaurants as a condiment to enhance curries. Allergy advice: Spices my contain traces of NUTS and PENUTS. Of course the classic chilli to use is the long thin Indian chilli (you can use a cayenne type chilli or Guntur Sannam if you can get it) and often used green, but I have seen many versions of this pickle that use red chillies and even red nagas! A very hot curry with Mr Naga chilli pickle taking centre stage as the star of the show. I await the commercial production of the first using Carolina reapers.

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