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69 Love Songs wurde sehr positiv rezensiert und gilt als Magnum Opus der Band. He is also quoted in the same booklet as saying, "I threw out a lot of songs in the course of making this work. 69 Love Songs é o sexto álbum de estúdio da banda americana de indie pop Magnetic Fields, lançado em 7 de setembro de 1999 pela Merge Records.Como o título indica, 69 Love Songs é um álbum conceitual de três volumes composto por 69 canções de amor, todas escritas pelo … [How Fucking Romantic]: a project to create an illustrated version of 69 Love Songs by "a loose collection of mostly London-based comic-artists, illustrators and writers" — don't know these folks, but love their style. In the box-set booklet, Stephin refers to having read about [Charles Ives' collection 114 Songs] on the day that he first thought of the idea of 69 Love Songs. [Lyrics and guitar tab] from stephinsongs web site. More than 31 certainly. Alla låtar är skrivna och komponerade av Stephin Merritt. Besonderes Lob erhielt die musikalische und lyrische Vielfalt. < Previous A Chicken with Its Head Cut Off. 69 Love Songs, Volume 2 ~ Release group by The Magnetic Fields. 69 Love Songs är indiepopbandet The Magnetic Fields sjätte studioalbum, släppt den 7 september 1999 på skivbolaget Merge Records.Den består, som titeln anvisar, av 69 låtar som handlar om kärlek, fördelade på tre CD-skivor.Samtliga låtar är skrivna av frontmannen Stephin Merritt.. Låtlista. Die Musikzeitschrift Rolling Stone führt das Album auf Platz 465 der 500 besten Alben aller Zeiten und auf Platz 97 der 100 besten Alben der 1990er Jahre. Describe the new page here. The site is a collective effort: fans and friends of the album are invited to edit and add to the pages directly. 69 Love Songs | RecentChanges | Preferences | Site Map This page is read-only | View other revisions Search: As the sprawling magnitude of its cheeky title suggests, 69 Love Songs is Stephin Merritt's most ambitious as well as most fully realized work to date, a three-disc epic of classically chiseled pop songs that explore both the promise and pitfalls of modern romance through the jaundiced eye of an irredeemable misanthrope. 69 Love Songs è un album triplo pubblicato dal gruppo pop statunitense The Magnetic Fields nel 1999, uscito in origine negli Stati Uniti in tre parti separate poi presto raggruppate in un unico cofanetto Il disco. Categories: songs featuring place names, songs featuring gender or sexuality switches. In der Liste der 500 besten Alben aller Zeiten des New Musical Express belegt 69 Love Songs Platz 210.

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