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When such information was not available, the Advisory Panel depended on clinical experience, technical judgments, and results of … The guidelines continue the established approach of considering inclusion of core (recommended for all cats) and non-core (recommended based on an individualized risk-benefit assessment) vaccines in an individualized protocol. Because each case is different, veterinarians must base their decisions on the best available scientific evidence in conjunction with their own knowledge and experience. Grade Definition, Recommended Adolescent Immunization Schedule, The AAFP recommends immunizing adolescents 7-18 years of age who are between doses for vaccinations with the AAFP recommendation unless contraindicated. Grade Definition, The AAFP recommends immunizing all adults using the AAFP recommendations unless contraindicated. As with all clinical reference resources, they reflect the best understanding of the science of medicine at the time of publication, but they should be used with the clear understanding that continued research may result in new knowledge and recommendations. Now available: Creating Individualized Feline Vaccine Protocols Join members of the 2020 AAHA/AAFP Feline Vaccination Guidelines task force for a free, RACE-approved webinar on creating individualized feline vaccine protocols. These guidelines and recommendations should not be construed as dictating an exclusive protocol, course of treatment, or procedure. Further research is needed to document some of these recommendations. Stay Dialed In on the Fight for Family Medicine, AAFP Digital Assistant Pilot Opportunities Available, The AAFP recommends immunizing all children 0-6 years of age using the AAFP recommendations unless contraindicated. As a result, a series of vaccinations is administered to kittens every 2–4 weeks through Grade Definition, Recommended Childhood Immunization Schedule, The AAFP recommends immunizing children 0-6 years of age who are between doses for vaccinations with the AAFP recommendation unless contraindicated. Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc., Elanco Animal Health, Merck Animal Health, and Zoetis Petcare supported the development of the 2020 AAHA/AAFP Feline Vaccination Guidelines and resources through an educational grant to AAHA. The Task Force recommends vaccines for FHV-1, FCV, FPV, rabies, and FeLV (cats younger than 1 year old) as core vaccines for pet and shelter cats. Variations in practice may be warranted based on the needs of the individual patient, resources, and limitations unique to each individual practice setting. DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid); FCV (feline calicivirus); FeLV (feline leukemia virus); FHV-1 (feline herpesvirus type 1); FIP (feline infectious peritonitis); FISS (feline injection-site sarcoma); FPV (feline panleukopenia virus); Ig (immunoglobulin); IM (intramuscular); MDA (maternally derived antibodies); SC (subcutaneous); WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinary Association). These guidelines provide the most current information and recommendations for feline vaccination as determined by a Task Force of experts in feline practice. Other recommendations are based on practical clinical experience and a consensus of expert opinion. These recommendations are provided only as assistance for physicians making clinical decisions regarding the care of their patients. The guidelines are complemented by an online resource center at aaha.org/felinevaccination and supplemental materials at catvets.com/vaccinations.The online resources include frequently asked questions about vaccination that clinicians and pet owners raise as well as a vaccine protocol calculator that uses a cat’s life stage and lifestyle information to suggest an appropriate, individualized vaccination protocol. All orders are currently shipping as normal. All rights Reserved. AAFP 2006 Feline Vaccination Guidelines. COVID-19 Update: AAHA staff is currently working remotely and will support our members virtually. CO 80228. The Advisory Panel included experts in immunology, infectious disease, internal medicine, and clinical practice. Grade Definition, Recommended Catch-up Immunization Schedule, The AAFP recommends immunizing all adolescents 7-18 years of age using the AAFP recommendations unless contraindicated. (2010) FMX may have ended, but the learning doesn't stop! Staff education initiatives should enable the veterinary practice team to be proficient in advising clients on proper vaccination practices and compliance. The AAFP offers all the immunization resources family physicians need to care for patients birth to advanced age. The vaccination visit should always include a thorough physical exam and client education dialog that gives the pet owner an understanding of how clinical staff assess disease risk and propose recommendations that help ensure an enduring owner-pet relationship. Vaccination is a component of a preventive healthcare plan. The vaccination event then occurs in the context of a practitioner-client discussion on how preventive healthcare forms the basis for the pet owner to maintain a long, rewarding relationship with the animal in his or her care. The AAFP recommends immunizing all adolescents 7-18 years of age using the AAFP recommendations unless contraindicated.

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