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Insights from the book 'Accelerate' (John P. Kotter) 1. Featuring authors such as John Piper, Tim Keller, C. S. Lewis, Matt Chandler, J. I. Packer, Mark Dever, and more. 2 September 2017. There are TWO principles that shape our book summaries and make this program unique: #1: The Insight Principle“Books don’t change people, paragraphs do and sometimes sentences. Delivery of goods and services to delight customers, Engagement with the market to detect and understand customer demand, Anticipation of compliance and regulatory changes that impact their systems, Response to potential risks, such as security threats or changes in the economy. However, we will be also summarizing books from authors outside of the Reformed tradition. Accelerate identifies these paragraphs and sentences. You may forget a book’s page numbers, but you’ll never forget its’ worldview-shaping insights. You will also find older authors such as Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Charles Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards, and the Puritans. Download the companion PDF to the audiobook. Although most of our members are pastors that use Accelerate for sermon preparation and team development, many of our members are leaders of various different ministries or simply Christians wanting to grow deeper in their knowledge of Christ. Read Book Summary. Accelerate your learning so you can invest more time in everything else, Stay dialed-in to the ideas that are shaping the Church and the culture, Broaden your horizons with weekly exposure to different perspectives, Supplement your preaching and teaching with solid research, Remember the important stuff with a library of summaries to reference, Cultivate a culture of learning with penetrating discussion questions, Stir your affections for Christ with weekly soul-shaping truths, Steward your finances more wisely with informed book-buying choices. My favorite insights from “XLR8” (Accelerate) by John P. Kotter Maarten Cannaerts – 1/5/2014 @maartenc Images from 2. I will be giving copies of this book to all my clients.”. Join 1500+ leaders using Accelerate now to maximize their time. As well as conclusively showing that DevOps outcomes are faster, cheaper AND safer, this book is an excellent case study for robust survey design and analysis.”. They show that when properly understood, DevOps is more than just a fad or a new name for an old concept. However, in the software world, we have been been looking for patterns and practices that can deliver the same predictable and reliable results whilst minimising waste and producing the increasingly high performance our businesses demand. Part 2 documents the science. What separates Accelerate from other book summary programs? This highly anticipated follow-up to the bestselling title The Phoenix Project takes another look at Parts Unlimited from the perspective of Maxine, a senior lead developer and architect, as she is exiled to the Phoenix Project. Book Summary: Accelerate - a good book for engineering leaders and it provides nuggets of knowledge how to build high performing teams. It doesn’t need to be this way. Accelerate summarizes the best metrics, practices, and principles to use for improving software delivery and digital product performance, based on years of well-documented research. Does technology actually matter? Readers will discover how to measure the performance of their teams, and what capabilities they should invest in to drive higher performance. Accelerate provides research backed, quantifiable and real world principles to create world class, high performing IT teams enabling amazing business outcomes. Backed by the two leading thought leaders (Kim and Humble) in the DevOps community and world class research from PHD Forsgren, this book is a highly recommended asset!”, “In their book Accelerate, Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble and Gene Kim don’t break any new conceptual ground regarding agile, lean and DevOps. Our library is totally mobile-friendly, however . Helping technology leaders achieve their goals through publishing, events & research. More than summarizing books chapter-by-chapter, we focus on maximizing reader comprehension and retention. Instead, they provide something that might be even more valuable which is a look inside the methodological rigor of their data collection and analysis approach which lead them to their earlier conclusions on the key capabilities that make IT organizations better contributors to the business. Accelerate measures software delivery performance—and what drives it—using four years of groundbreaking research and rigorous statistical methods. Part 3 is a case study in transformation from ING. is a triumph of research, tenacity and insight, proving not just correlation but a causal link between good technical and management behaviours and business performance. Their work illustrates how DevOps can improve the state of the art in organizational design, software development culture, and systems architecture. Upon canceling, you (and your group if you have one) will still have access until the period you have paid for is over. We receive this question frequently – ever since it was first asked by Drax from Avengers Infinity War. Browse our growing library of theology book summaries. “This is the kind of foresight that CEOs, CFOs, and CIOs desperately need if their company is going to survive in this new software-centric world. Anyone that doesn’t read this book will be replaced by someone that has.”, —Thomas A. Limoncelli, Co-Author of The Practice of Cloud System Administration. The book covers how teams achieve this from commit to production. This is a book that I will gladly be placing on my bookshelf next to the other great works by the authors.”, —Cameron Haight, VP & CTO, Americas, VMware, “Accelerate does a fantastic job of explaining not only what changes organizations should make to improve their software delivery performance, but also the why, enabling people at all levels to truly understand how to level up their organizations.”. Our Accelerate family consist of professors, students, software engineers, lawyers, homemakers, bank managers, police officers, and more! You can cancel your subscription in your account settings page, no questions asked. Accelerate summarizes the best metrics, practices, and principles to use for improving software delivery and digital product performance, based on years of well-documented research.

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