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Although the effects of ACEs can last a lifetime, they don’t have to. Resources are listed below for both practitioners and the public. It was developed by scientists of the National Scientific Council on the Developing Child and communication scientists at the FrameWorks Institute . I believe we have a meeting schedule for this upcoming Friday. The Department of Health and Social Care asked Lancashire Care Foundation Trust to develop an implementation pack to support services in developing, implementing and embedding routine enquiry about adversity in childhood. Paediatrician Nadine Burke Harris explains that the repeated stress of abuse, neglect and parents struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues has real, tangible effects on the development of the brain. email me if you have questions - I have a lot of materials I haven't posted yet too. When exposed to stressful situations, the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response floods the brain with corticotrophin-releasing hormones (CRH), which usually forms part of a normal and protective response that subsides once the stressful situation passes., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) studies and Adverse Childhood Experiences Presentation Graphics can be found at In addition, you may bring along printed copies of your presentation, your full paper or other handouts, to distribute to audience members. When you block a person, they can no longer invite you to a private message or post to your profile wall. Replies and comments they make will be collapsed/hidden by default. The Adverse Childhood Experiences evidence base–a wake-up call to radically redesign Children’s Mental Health Services – read at, Read a useful article about the ACE studies at A good first experience with ACEs awareness is the Brain Architecture game, as the previous poster mentioned. Please share of your upcoming trauma-informed / resilience-building journey, Patti. Early intervention refers to taking action to resolve problems as soon as possible, before they become more difficult to reverse. v. For example, the 2011/12 National Survey Children’s Health included nine ACEs items adopted from the original ACE study. Stable, nurturing adult-child relationships and environments help children develop strong cognitive and emotional skills and the resilience required to flourish as adults. Bring your presentation on a USB drive, bring a copy on a second USB as a back-up and email the file to yourself ahead of time in case of loss or failure. What Are We Doing? Awareness Raising animations and films Caring Communities Can Help Reduce ACEs - The Arizona ACE Consortium shares this PowerPoint presentation on how caring communities can help reduce ACEs. Good luck. You must be signed in to continue. Work across the country aims to both prevent ACEs occurring in the first place wherever possible, and to prevent the consequences of ACEs in those that have already experienced them. 5x more likely to have had sex under 16 years, 6x more likely to have been pregnant or got someone accidentally pregnant under 18, 7x more likely to be involved in recent violence, 11x more likely to have been incarcerated. Produced by the fostering promotion group ReMoved, this TedX features the story of a resilient, fictional young girl called Maja; who, frightened of her own father, is uncertain of when she may reach safety or if she will ever be properly loved and cared for. Darwen (1,500 participants) Professor Mark Bellis (Public Health Wales) 2015 (2028 participants) Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire and . It was developed by scientists of the. ACEs range from experiences that directly harm a child (such as suffering physical, verbal or sexual abuse, and physical or emotional neglect) to those that affect the environment in which a child grows up (including parental separation, domestic violence, mental illness, alcohol abuse, drug use or incarceration). While ACEs are found across the population, there is more risk of experiencing ACEs in areas of higher deprivation. Scottish Public Health estimated that prevalence in Scotland would be at least as high. The project emphasises the Our Manchester approach of recognising strengths of individuals and community, of working together and improving lives. It was developed by scientists of the National Scientific Council on the Developing Child and communication scientists at the FrameWorks Institute. Current Visitors: 232 (2 members, 230 guests). A good first experience with ACEs awareness is the Brain Architecture game, as the previous poster mentioned. I am looking for materials to use to present about ACEs to non-professionals. Welsh Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study The implementation pack was piloted by 3 services in north-west England. Doing a showing of either Paper Tigers or Resilience is another good way to go. A UK study suggests those with 4+ACEs are: Read a summary and review of national and international ACE activity on the research website at Please consider perusing our ACEs in Education community. Job hunting tips for teachers: how to ace the presentation Treat your job interview presentation like a three-act play, with an engaging introduction, memorable middle and exciting end For adults who experienced ACEs in their childhood, it is possible to minimise the impact of ACEs on their health, relationships and lives in general. We also recommend that you bring business cards. The ACE animation tells the story of a young boy growing up, and how his experience with ACEs could affect his life experience: NHS Health Scotland have produced a short animation to raise awareness about the impact of childhood adversity and stimulate discussion about what action can be taken to both prevent and respond to early adversity.

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