aladdin garage door opener troubleshooting

Go to the Learn Button on your garage door opener. Depending on the update, this can take anywhere from a few seconds up to approximately two minutes. Will Aladdin Connect still work for me? Q: How many individual users can I add to my account? Page 12 Series II - refers to any Genie® or Overhead Door® brand garage If the garage is prewired and the wires should remain hidden. automatic chain drive/belt drive garage door operator system. A: This means your unit is receiving an over-the-air update. One Aladdin Connect standalone device is also considered 1 Door Control Module, however, it can control up to 3 doors (1:3). You must have your Wi-Fi home network name and password available to complete the setup. A: You will need to download the free Genie Aladdin Connect App onto your smart device to set up your account. A: No. Troubleshooting Guide- for models 1022, 1024, 1042, 2022, 2024, 2042, 2027. A: Yes – you will need to download the free Genie Aladdin Connect App onto your smart device. You now need to make this in-car transmitter your personal transmitter. If Little Johnny used his Aladdin Connect app to get in the house after school, the push notifications will let you know! Your garage door opener stopped operating as it should ?. IMPORTANT - Do not power down the module during this period. All Genie brand and most competitor brands of garage door openers will operate with Aladdin Connect™. Q: What type of Wi-Fi router do I need to support my Aladdin Connect device? Solid Green light – The Door Control Module is properly connected and ready for use with the Aladdin Connect or IRIS systems. Q: Will Aladdin Connect work with my Android/Apple phone or tablet? Garage Door Opener Won't Open All the Way Fix: Replace the main gear drive If the garage door opener makes a grinding noise but the door doesn't move, your main drive gear is probably toast. That information is then relayed from the module to your smart device. WPA encryption was introduced in 2003 to address the security issues related to WEP. As with any function of your smart device, you should not use your smart device while driving a moving vehicle, or in any way that would cause you to take your focus off the responsibility of safely operating your vehicle. A: The safety features of the operator cannot be overridden with the Aladdin Connect app. If you … Q: My app has a “UL Lockout” message, what does this mean?  Example: If I have 2 Wi-Fi integrated garage door openers (2 doors) and 2 Aladdin Connect the standalone device with 3 doors each on them (6 doors) – I have a total of 4 Door Control Modules connected to my app and I am controlling 8 doors total. The latest standard is WPA2. Will Aladdin Connect work with it? A: Be sure to tap “Create a new account” and verify that your password follows the password rules. A: On your Wi-Fi integrated garage door opener, the QR code that allows you to scan in your device is under the lens cover, on top of the operator or on the front of your owner’s manual. Aladdin Connect does work with both WPA and WPA2. The garage door closes down to the floor, hesitates and reverses back up to the open position. While there are 2 different ways to use Aladdin Connect, there are some general requirements and FAQs that can be listed that will apply to all situations. You will also need to have your home Wi-Fi network name and password handy when the app asks for it. Q: The app asks me for the Wi-Fi network name and security key – what is this? Q: Can I let someone else temporarily control my door, like a service tech? Under the RULES tab inside the app, you can set customizable schedules and notifications. Be sure to delete their access once they have performed their task. Q: What is the purpose of the zip code requirement? However, as with any function of your smart device, you should not use the Aladdin Connect app while driving a moving vehicle, or in any way that would cause you to take your focus off the responsibility of safely driving your vehicle. A: Yes - the system requires internet access at your home, a compatible Wi-Fi Router, and a compatible smart device. Q: Do I need internet access for the Aladdin Connect system to function? A: Check the wire connections in the back of the module as well as at the opener or wall console to make sure they are secure. Reference the Aladdin Connect FAQ document for Virtual Keys, Rules & Notifications for information about these benefits. Because the external Aladdin Connect uses a sensor attached to the garage door itself, you are alerted as to whether the door changes to the fully open or closed position even if the door is operated manually by disengaging the door from the opener. A: This depends on the type of physical devices you have setup. How can I know if I will have good Wi-Fi signal strength in my garage? this sets the in-car transmitter to be your garage door openers make transmitter, but you are not done. A: Under the USERS tab inside the app, you can send virtual keys to up to 19 additional people to access your garage door through the app. 1. … If you are choosing “Create a New Account”, be sure to verify that your password follows the password rules. Don't panic! Q: Why are all the lights above my door buttons on the Door Control Module flashing different colors? Q:  My garage is not very close to the router in my house.  Example: If I have 20 Wi-Fi integrated garage door openers (20 doors) – I have a total of 20 Door Control Modules connected to my app and I am controlling 20 doors total. This is done for safety purposes to warn anyone near that the door is about to move. If web pages can quickly be loaded, scrolled through, loaded again, etc… this is a good indicator of a signal strength that can properly operate an Aladdin Connect device. Q: Why will the program not allow me to create an account? Will Aladdin Connect work with this? Will there be a message? What should I do? The WEP standard was introduced in 1999 and retired in 2004. Have the user download the Aladdin Connect app to create an account, then send the person an invite via email from the user tab. In my article about garage door opener troubleshooting, I help you to correct the most common problems without having to consult either your owner's manual or an expensive professional. Q: What happens when someone crosses the safety beam while the door is moving? Either term though is correct & functional. The box will indicate that Aladdin Connect is included. Smart Connected - Screw Drive Model Garage Door Openers, Smart Connected - Belt Drive Model Garage Door Openers, Smart Connected - Chain Drive Model Garage Door Openers. The QR code can only be scanned ONE TIME to setup your device. Q:  Is Aladdin Connect compatible with any smart home platforms? Q: The light and sound on the unit are working but there is no movement. A: The data usage is dependent on the number of minutes the door is used or how often you use the app. Q: What do the different Wi-Fi lights in the upper right corner of the Door Control module mean? Ask Aladdin Connect the status of your door and operate your opener from anywhere at any time be simply telling Aladdin Connect what you would like it to do. A: There are detailed Help pages on the Genie App itself for each step, along with installation instructions (written and video) at, including the Quick Setup Guide. You will find this on the Login screen. The extender needs to meet the same specification as the router: 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz with WPA2 or WPA security. A: No. Q: Can I use Aladdin Connect instead of the garage door remote in my vehicle when pulling into or leaving my driveway? Q: During Wi-Fi configuration in the Wireless Settings menu, the app says to connect to “gdocntl”. Q: How many Door Control Modules can I add to a single account? If needed, you can also type in the serial number instead. Q: What is the Wi-Fi network name and security key? A: The door will reverse as it normally does and after a period of time you will receive a message “Timeout closing”. A: Because current and future features of the Genie app depend on the time zone of where the Door Control Module is installed, the zip code is needed to be sure updates are made at the proper time for each user. Q: When logged into the Genie Aladdin Connect App – will I stay logged in until I sign out, or will I have to always log in/out? Most major garage door opener brands produced after 1993 with safety sensors are candidates to have Wi-Fi capabilities. A: The history keeps a record of the last 100 open/close operations on a rolling basis.

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