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There were a couple of skills that worked at one time, but Chamberlain ended up shutting them down. In the next screen it will say Alexa will turn on “xyz” scene, just click add at the bottom and that’s it. In short, (without some loopholes) you can’t use Alexa voice control to open or close your smart garage. If at some point I could get the location trigger to work, that would be great, but through the Alexa routines, I am able to say Alexa, open or close the garage door and that works. If i were to get in a crash with my car, I can have it set up to contact a person of my choice. Make sure the Photon module is installed in the relay controller. In Alexa the shortest distance you can set for the geofence is 492ft. I will try that out when I get home from work. Connect a regulated 12VDC power supply to the controller. you can just say "open the garage"! Now connect the Particle channel to your IFTTT account by clicking here. Works great. It is great to be able to use Alexa to open/close my MyQ garage door opener the way I intended to use it when I bought my Chamberlain product more than a year ago. I'll add a section about it in the article so everyone can prompt the Routines more naturally. Looking forward to hearing if your method works! I call this a Can Do project because anyone willing to walk through this article will be able to accomplish the task. In the next screen it will say Alexa will turn on “xyz” scene, just click add at the bottom and that’s it. There are 2 main reasons I’ve found on why MyQ won’t work with Alexa: It’s a … The SimpleCommands app also does not need to be opened. Get it as soon as Wed, Sep 30. First you will need to setup your relay controller which will be used to trigger the garage door opener. Some doors also have a feature which will stop them if they detect contact with an object. Please follow the instructions below to enable voice control of your garage doors through Alexa with SimpleCommands: Step 1: Enable alexa support for SimpleCommands -  Alexa Smart Home Skill (kloee for SC). Govee Door Open Chime Upgraded, 1 Magnetic Door Entry Alert Security Contact Sensor, 1 Wireless Doorbell Plugin Receiver (330 Feet, 36 Tunes, 5 Volume Levels, LED Indicators) 4.4 out of 5 stars 426. If you continue to experience issues please submit a ticket to our help center here: Hopefully this won't get shut down. 1 year ago, As of today, this appears to be the correct link: General Purpose SPDT Relay Shield + 7 GPIO with IoT InterfaceMCP23008, 2 years ago Click on the blue "This" text to create the trigger. I waited over a minute to see if it would own, but it didn't. When I click on this, I can choose on schedule trigger which is for sunrise, sunset or a specific time. Between step 4 and 5 is appears to be necessary to open Alexa Skills and activate "kloee for SC". Proceed through the setup instructions Particle provides. Must be a step I'm missing, so if anyone has insight to this, please share. 2 years ago I also created 2 other routines - one to open garage and one to close garage. If it doesn't work, I will try deleting the 2 Alexa location routines and only have the 2 simplecommands routines. Also, what OBD2 product are you using? First add the 'kloee for SC skill' and second 'Enable the skill'. If you do not have one already the create one at, We will be using the Alexa and Particle channels on IFTTT. If my check engine light comes on, the device will let me know what the code is. When I try clicking on most of the other choices, it wont let me because i don't have the right connection type. So any other stuff you have from other skills or routines in the Alexa app will not show up in the SimpleCommands app. Thanks. I will let you know when it does! When I get to work, I have a popup asking if I want to allow the app to disable/enable WiFi. The same things happen when I get home. Right now I have to say Alexa, turn on open garage door or Alexa, turn on close garage door. You can take it a step further by creating an Alexa routine. Trying to have SimpleCommands control myQ based on location. I only have the two routines labeled "left garage open" and "left garage close" (I only use my left side). Thanks! Does the photon come installed on the 1-channel relay controller module that was mentioned above? Use “control scene” not “control device” then choose your open or close garage scene. I went to the Alexa app and ran discovery and it found the 2 new scenes to open and close the garage door. Wire the relay board to the opener as shown in the diagram above. Once both of these channels are connected to your IFTTT account we are ready to create the recipe. Jigar Patel, how did you create the routine in the Alexa app? You’ll have to make one for open and one for close. Genie MachForce 2 HPc Premium Garage Door Opener Exclusive Screw Drive- Aladdin Connect Smart Home w/ Alexa & Google Assistant. We are pushing location triggers to the dashboard very soon and it just hasn't gone out yet. I still have the other 2 routines where i can say Alexa open or close garage door so I said Alexa, open garage door and my garage door opened. On my phone, NFC is turned on at all times. FREE Shipping … I am returning it.Thank you. Go into Alexa app, create routine, the trigger action is location, the item again is “control scene”. My Chamberlain doors now work with Alexa, with commands to open/close a single door, or both at the same time. I am using iOS - is location services not enabled for iOS with SC? (I couldn't find it on IFTTT)* Can I create 2 phrases for Alexa such as "open" or "close" so that Alexa will "trigger" when I say either of these?Bottom line: I'm just trying to create a simple solution to being able to just say Alexa, (open/close) garage door.I had bought an item on amazon and Alexa seems to not like doing this due to security reasons. Are you installing a new garage door opener or your old one is ready for an upgrade? When I left my house this morning I left my garage open until it was out of sight (scary feeling lol) then logged into my Chamberlin app just to see what was going on... sure enough, the garage was closing and then showed closed. Set everything up in the online dashboard, but when I approach or leave the house, nothing happens, even though I've enabled location services. As for location based triggers, it does go by your phone's current location only with your express permission (location setting must be set on), so your bluetooth and NPC settings are not pertinent in this case. Step 6:  Execute SimpleCommand via alexa scene. It needs to be connected to your WiFi network, claimed to your particle account, and connected to the internet. If you do inadvertently flash the tinker app to the controller you can follow the instructions in this video to revert to our IFTTT firmware: You will need an IFTTT account. It is 5.4 miles from my house to work. When I looked in the simplecommands app and went to edit the routine to see if it was listed, the screen blinked and took me back to the all items page. How does the simplecommands location trigger actually work? The quick answer is No, Chamberlain’s MyQ Smart Home Garage Opener does not natively work with Alexa. Battery Powered Lamp That Turns on Through the Use of Magnets! Now just say "Alexa trigger garage door" The door should open or close and you have won the internet. How do I add the location trigger to be able to choose it? I'll admit that I do not know electronics/circuits etc.In purchasing this module, I'm hoping this will enable me to Open/Close my Garage door by saying "Alexa, open garage door" or "Alexa, close garage door".I am assuming that I can set up an IFTTT recipe (applet?) Now you can give your recipe a name and select whether or not you wish to receive a notification whenever the recipe runs, this will pop a notification on your phone whenever the recipe runs if you have the IF app installed on your phone or tablet. Thanks for the suggestion! That sounds like something I might like! What actions did you use to trigger the simplecommands routines? Here is the ODB2 adapter I am using. Warning: Do not connect the relay board directly to a 120VAC outlet, you must use a 120VAC to 12VDC power supply. I came home from work and pulled in my driveway, but the garage door didn't automatically open. If someone would happen to steal my car, as long as the ODB2 connector is hooked up, it will show me where the car is parked so I would be able to track my car down. Make sure the Photon module is installed in the relay controller. Now that I have an Echo in the garage it would be really handy to be able to tell it to open or close the door. This is nice because there is usually an open outlet where the power supply for the relay board can plug in, so connect the 120VAC to 12VDC power supply for the board into that outlet to power the board. I also have a side street. Hope this helps!,,,,, Use SimpleCommand's Alexa Skill: 'Home Status', How to control your garage doors through Alexa with SimpleCommands, Getting Started with the 'kloee for SC' Smart Home Skill.

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