altered chords pdf is a platform for academics to share research papers. The flatted and sharped chord tones add a unique tone to any common chord progression. In this section you look at dominant chords with altered extensions. Altered scales are based on the same principles as altered chords. They are in most cases much less used than the main versions. a chord that has at least one note which doesn’t belong to the diatonic scale): •They occur mostly in major keys that ‘borrow’ chords from the parallel minor key (i.e. Any chord can be altered, but in popular music and jazz, altered chords usually refer to dominant chords. & Descending F7alt ? C major borrows chords from C minor). Key of C family (G7alt)? Altered chords are easy to create, you just lower or raise a chord tone by a half step. There are approximately 26 different altered chords you can choose to spice up your chord progressions. I cover everything you need to know about each chord. Key of F family (C7alt) ∑? Lesson 2: Borrowed Chords & Altered Chords GRADE 8 MUSIC THEORY Borrowed Chords Borrowed chords are a special type of chromatic chord (i.e. The third must remain major and the seventh minor to be Dom7 quality. Altered chords are, as their name suggests, standard diatonic chords in which one or more of the notes have been altered, either by being sharpened or flattened. 4.Dominant Chords with Altered Extensions Besides the normal extensions (9-11-13), dominant chords can handle altered extensions as well, such as b9, #9, #11, and b13. Chord extensions. & "Wave" B. "Plain" dominant 13th chord (13th chord functions the same as a 7th chord in terms of progression): C13 As a "stack of thirds" 3rd 5th 7th 9th 11th 13th Root Here are all possible alterations. in other words, you can add some pizazz to a composition by replacing a diatonic chord with an altered chord that has the same root. second, altered chords can be easily used in place of their diatonic counterparts. Altered Pentatonic. One special feature is the quadra-step interval between the first and second scale step. & 4. An altered dominant is a dominant seventh chord (i.e., major triad+minor 7th) with all possible alterations. & ∑ bœbœœœbw bbœœbœœœœ bnœœnbww œœ bœ nbœœ bœ œœ œbœœœ ww bw œœ œ b n bœœ bœ œœ nbœ œœ nœ bbww nwœ œ bbœœbœœ œ œ bw nw œbœbœœww w b b œœbœbœwbœœnœœbœœbbœœnwwœœ b In this article we will be looking at altered dominant chords. Altered chords can add a lot of color interest to an otherwise typical diatonic progression; You should think of the alterations as spices and use them on one or two occasional chords as opposed to an entire progression. Altered chords make fantastic chord substitutes for regular dominant 7th chords. Altered Dominant Chord Approaches (V-I) F7alt.....? Specific applications: A. The Altered Pentatonic is mostly used in jazz and deviate from both the Major and Minor Pentatonic in different ways.

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