american deluxe stratocaster specs

Fender corporation had seen for years how players would buy Stratocasters and modify them. It had the new “rolled” neck edges that smoothed out the joint between the neck and fingerboard giving the guitar a well-played feel along the edges of the neck where the thumb and fingers wrap around. This line appeals to the most discerning players who want the best guitar that Fender can roll off of a factory production line. They give you incredible bang for the buck. What strings should I use on my Stratocaster. Plus, the Vintage Noiseless neck and middle pickups produce all the brilliantly pristine, well-defined tone of vintage single-coil Strat pickups, with no hum. Fender had been using the Lace Sensor pickups in the Strat Plus line for just that reason. The guitar also featured Fender Schaller deluxe staggered cast and sealed locking tuning machines. The string tree is notorious for introducing friction and drag to the strings causing tuning issues when using the tremolo. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *, Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster 1998-2003. Players had long been changing the pickups in their Stratocasters to get less noise. Fender´s new American Deluxe Stratocaster has all the modern features today´s guitarists require. The detailed nut and fret work, the rolled edges on the neck and the more accurate body parameters all found their way to the other American guitars. It was upgraded in 2004 and 2010 before being replaced by the American Elite series in 2016.. This is taken a step further by the fact that the 'board also has a conical radius: 241mm (9.5-inch) at the first fret, and 356mm (14-inch) up the dusty end. ENG: … Has Fender locking tuners, roller nut, block saddles, 2 pop in tremolo arms and fresh strings. Features. For the Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster Fender went back to the original design drawings of the 1950’s and found that the Stratocaster’s body shape had gradually “wandered” a bit from the original Strat. 1998 Fender American Deluxe Spec Sheet. The neck was maple with a modern C-shape neck and a maple fingerboard. (725) Chrome Red. The latest iteration of our time-honored classic, it is the very essence of Strat tone and remains a beauty to see, hear and feel. Classically contoured, solid alder and ash bodies, and new distinctive neck shapes that fit like a glove. The guitar shipped with Fender Super Bullet strings gauged .009-.042 which added to it’s easy playing feel. The staggered heads eliminated the need for two string trees. Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster. A little lubricant on this chrome string tree makes it pretty much frictionless. This high performance tremolo unit kept the guitar much better in tune than the vintage tremolo. The American Deluxe line replaced the Plus Series models of 1987.. Other features include a new DH-1 humbucker in the bridge position and a LSR Roller Nut. The nicely dark, well-oiled, edge-rolled rosewood fingerboard has 22 medium jumbo frets that facilitate easy bending, again offering a more modern feel. Fender touted that this guitar was made for “the more technical players”. Features: New Bent Steel Saddles with Elongated String Slots, Copper Infused High Mass 100% Metal Bridge Block, Thinner Undercoat Finish for Improved Body Resonance, Tinted Neck, Aged Plastic Parts So they set all the CNC machines to make the contours of the body more like the Stratocaster of the 50’s. Mike Lewis of Fender Product Development said “The American Deluxe Strat is very nice, with a lot of special features but nothing unnecessary. of Frets: 22 Medium Jumbo FretsScale Length: 25.50 (648 mm)Width @ Nut: 1.68750 (43 mm)Hardware: ChromeMachine Heads: Fender/Schaller Deluxe Staggered Cast/Sealed Locking Tuning MachinesBridge: Fender Deluxe 2-Point Synchronized Tremolo with Pop in ArmPickguard: 3-Ply Mint GreenPickups: 3 Vintage Noiseless Strat Pickups (Neck/Middle/Bridge)Pickup Switching: 5-Position Blade:Position 1. The single string tree used on the American Deluxe Stratocaster was a round string tree which caused much less friction than the flat string tree found on older Strats. The American Deluxe featured the newly designed Vintage Noiseless Strat pickups. I think we need to first discuss why the Fender American Deluxe Strat was created. Bridge PickupPosition 2. The idea was to enhance the Strat’s sound and playability, not to change it.”. The locking tuners combined with the new string tree and 2-point synchronized tremolo help the American Deluxe Stratocaster to stay in tune incredibly well. So the Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster was created as a top-of-the-line American production model with the most sought after modifications built right into the guitar during production. Reconfigured S-1 switching offers other distinctive tonal options; other features include staggered locking tuners, two-point synchronized American Deluxe tremolo bridge … The 1998 American Deluxe Series was pivotal in many ways for Fender guitars. The American Deluxe was created to meet the demand for higher performance. (748)* Teal Green Transparent Alder on: (700) 3-Color Sunburst. The 1998 series Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster line featured beautiful transparent finishes. They would hot rod their guitars by changing pickups, rewiring electronics, changing necks, replacing tuners and any number of other modifications to the Stratocaster. The Fender American Deluxe Series was a line of electric guitars and basses introduced by Fender in 1995 and discontinued in 2016. The compound radius fretboard allows effortless string bending anywhere along the neck, and new N3 Noiseless pickups provide improved Stratocaster tones for sparkling bell-like chime with no hum. Middle PickupPosition 4. Bridge and Middle PickupPosition 3. MSRP: $1,599.99: Alder Body, $1,749.99: *Premium Ash Body, Your email address will not be published. The Fender American Deluxe represents the latest in Stratocaster technology. Fender American Ultra Stratocaster 2019-Current, Fender American Elite Stratocaster 2015-2019, Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster 2010-2015, Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster 2004-2009 Series, 2004-2009 series American Deluxe Stratocaster, Fender Deluxe 2-Point Synchronized Tremolo, Fender Schaller deluxe staggered cast and sealed locking tuning machines, Fender Super Bullet strings gauged .009-.042, Fender American Ultra Stratocaster Service Manual. The American Deluxe Stratocaster is the ultimate in high-performance. The Fender American Deluxe Strat was first released in 1998. It’s beautiful but it’s all about sound and playability and function. It had 3 Vintage Noiseless pickups (neck/middle/bridge). It has a 9.5″ radius and a satin polyurethane finish on the neck to enhance the smooth feel of the neck. The 1998-2003 Fender American Deluxe series set a new standard for quality and innovation for production line guitars. They are expensive but by far not the most expensive American made guitar. To coincide with this opening they released the American Deluxe Series which they called the “ultimate Strat” and the top of the line among the factory guitars. Here’s a page from the brochure for the 1998 American Deluxe Fat Strat which had a Fishman power bridge for acoustic sounds and had an optional locking tremolo unit available. It doesn’t handle dive bombing and whammy bar theatrics as well as a Floyd Rose but it keeps Jeff Beck’s Stratocaster in tune so it’s a good, proven unit. This is it, the Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster is the top of Fender’s American made production Stratocaster line.

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