amp clamp mic holder

Put a Mic on Your Amps the Easy Way! A A Colubmia, SC (February 14, 2008) -- Sometimes the little things make a big difference. I have the mic off center to the … Free shipping . The Audix CabGrabber is a must-have for both the studio and the stage. AmpClamp WT PRO/609 Guitar Amp Microphone Mount Holder, for Shure, Audix i5,e609. Having a cumbersome mic stand in the middle of your drum kit can easily become problematic. Premier Guitar. This portable microphone holder is made for guitar and/or bass amplifiers, and relieves stage clutter by reducing the need for mic … Clamps can attach to your already in place drum hardware and give you the option of placing a mic within your kit, avoiding any extra stands. $34.00. Amp Clamp: Portable Microphone Holder. Instead, the CabGrabber clamps directly onto an amp to hold a microphone … Free shipping . It fits nicely on my boogie and although it can move about easily it generally stays in the right position. AmpClamp S Series /609 Guitar Amp Microphone Mic Clamp,for Shure, Audix i5, e609. This simple device lets you conveniently mike a guitar amplifier or cabinet without the use of a bulky mic stand. When you want to mic your amp, the innovative Audix Cab Grabber Microphone Holder … AmpClamp (Xtra) Mount Plate for WTPro Microphone Mount, Mic Clamp, Mic Holder … February 14, 2008. $37.00. Mic Stand Package with Triad T2 Medium Stand, Orbit 1/O1 Orbital Boom, Micro 2/M2 Mic Adapter, iOrbit Universal iPad Holder, IO-C Clamp IO Quick-change Base $ 506 .96 Or $11 /month § for 48 months i Bought this amp clamp to negate the need to carry a mic stand around. The Ampclamp is one of those little things.

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