amphenol connector part number breakdown

Example: Part number 1 Part number 2 Part number … Shell size 28 is available in threaded coupling connectors only. Amphenol ICC's Latch-N-Lok Connector Family is a shielded, latching input/output connector system with PCB receptacles and cable plug kits for signals including intermediate speed and power. Please contact us if you need any further assistance. See how to order for bayonet type connectors on page 127, how to order for threaded on page 130, and how to order for quick-disconnect type connectors … Search for an Exact Competitor Part number or type an “*” to search by partial Part Number. please refer to the part number breakdown charts. They can withstand ... MULTIPIN CIRCULAR CONNECTORS PART NUMBER BREAKDOWN … MIL-DTL-22992 Series Connectors Classes C, R and L Part Number Breakdown The ordering procedure for QWLD MS-Approved Connectors is illustrated by part number MS17343R20N27PW as shown below: Part Number … Multipin Connectors MP-41 Series Amphenol’s MP-41 series of multipin connectors utilise the same design principals of the rugged Mil-C-5015 military connectors. ordered by commercial part number only. * Consult Amphenol Aerospace for availability of arrangement 22-39. The revolutionary AX series of XLR connectors introduce an exciting contemporary look and feel to the … The family … For example: 1234* or *234* To Search Multiple Parts at once, copy/paste or type one part number per line.

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