anime where the main character is a badass

So i've been watching a lot of anime lately. Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure. Anime where the main character is normal or "weak" but does something badass from time to time? Main character grows through his experiences and really is able to improve so much both in character and skills. Top 25 Most Bad Ass Male Anime Characters For this list, we’ll be looking at the men in anime that are the absolute pinnacle of badassery. In almost every anime, main characters are always the kind, good-natured hero who saves people. With humongous bodies, strong human abilities and the smarts to save the world multiple times. The Most Popular Anime Right Now The Best Fast Food Chains The Best Non-Chocolate Candies The Best Anime Series of All Time The Best Sodas of All Time The Tastiest Trader Joe's Products Top 10 Current Queries in Fictional Characters: band of brothers characters ichigo bleach anime why do people hate coldplay elisabeth shue age barry tv show take responsibility anime birds are scary anime … While his real name is Kazuto Kirigaya, everyone calls him by his in-game name after being trapped in the game for so long. But when you somehow beat a boss while dying, … Stay tuned for our top bad ass females list. 3. If you have watched that, you know how badass sukuna is. It would also be good if the main character tries to hide his powers or skills when being around other people to blend in or hide in order to finish his/her goal. He is the very definition of a badass overpowered main character. He is smart and tough with the ability to counter anything. I want to watch an anime where the Main Character is a total badass, either a prodigy or super skilled or have very powerful magic or powers, and the people around him are either normal or weak. 10/10. The entire JoJo series has the most overpowered Main Characters the anime world has ever seen. Granted, Kirito was a beta-tester and a solo player, so the reasoning behind him being overpowered is a given. Thus, it is essential to have a long lasting and if possible badass impressions on the viewer's eyes every time a new characters will be introduced in any anime shows. I want to see more of that. We've included characters from classic anime series as well a breakdown of their personalities,powers, and abilities. As some of you may or may not have noticed from one of my previous article, Overpowered Main Character - Anime, Manga and Light Novel, I love overpowered main characters.However, some protagonist are just way more badass than others and I’ve decided to make a list of all badass and occasionally arrogant MC that I have seen or read throughout the hundreds of series I’ve watched. I thought of this after watching Jujutsu Kaisen. If you were around when Sword Art Online came out, you should have heard of an anime character named Kirito. A character introduction in anime could always make or break the character's impressions on the eyes of the viewers. For this list 25) Gilgamesh - Fate Zero PersonalityGilgamesh I'm so proud of him. Additionally, his sister is the cutest and most badass shit I've ever witnessed. One of the strongest is Jotaro Kujo. I just had this thought that I want to watch an anime where the main character is a cool bad guy who doesn't give a shit about anyone. What to Watch? KEY TAGS: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Shounen

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