are business degrees oversaturated

Or in general any? ... Because you can still work at a Museum with a business degree, but you cant work in a financial office with a philosophy degree… Speaking from situation in Europe, getting MSc in Business specific are(Finance/Accounting etc.) The situation is very different across the world. I cant say what fields are saturated but I can definitely predic fields that one should be more cautious of. Oil and gas will be declining soon, so its also suboptimal i would say. In fact it is one of the most useful degrees when it comes to your career. It’s one of the most asked for degrees and related to most jobs. Well I study Industrial Engineering with a more focus on business than automation part so I feel like I can provide a good insight. 1. Teacher, admin, tutor, translator, guide, marketing...heck even HR. What are Malaysians policy. Im not saying not to go for these kinds of degrees but I tbh feel like having a degree alone isnt suffcient. If we are talking about business degrees from M7 unis in USA, they are scarce and open doors to prestigious opportunities, especially in Malaysia. To answer this question, you need to understand what is Malaysia's GDP and where is it coming from. Are English majors in abundance in Malaysia? Depends what you make of it. Whatever falls in this category will surely have at least some decent demand. It doesn’t quite work the other way around. Watch Announcements Take our big Autumn term survey here - £100 vouchers up for grabs >> Don't get FOMO. If you consider that every company is a business understanding how businesses function is an essential skill. If you consider that every company is a business … I’ve been thinking about this too. Colleges produce myriad psychologists, for example. Secondly you need to understand Malaysia is not a country where research and development is done. The pay is too low and there aren’t too many job opportunities. Not doing programming. Yes. While the two degrees are related, they aren't exactly the same. If you are a run-of-the-mill candidate, your degree will probably be oversaturated in a sea of other similar degree holders even if you are talking about a highly popular field. I see a lot of people major in Business administration. Voices Now degrees are everywhere, even big companies are realising non-graduates like me made the right choice You’d probably be concerned … Architecture over saturated and difficult to git gud law, accounting, useless degrees that are very hard to become partner to earn big bucks, also will be automated by ai. No its not. lol. Are degrees (especially specialised degrees) becoming oversaturated these days? To do any of those you have to to do economics and business for your bachelors, as a result most people do masters afterwards. But when it comes to working in the non-religious sector, then qualification in religious studies can always be complemented with a professional diploma. IMO, you can make money in pretty much any field, if you’re a stand out talent. Yeah don’t study any of this, I like to have some job security too! It depends on the area you live in and what you plan on doing but as a rule I would say yes. If you go the specialized route, like accounting, then decide you hate accounting you may have a tougher time switching careers (but even then I doubt it). While business graduates seem to be a lot, business degree will forever be relevant. I think Malaysia is too focused on getting every done fastly that they skip very important steps. But I think it’s better to specialize in a field like marketing/finance/banking or accounting because by doing so you’ll able develop certain skill sets that you wouldn’t be able to obtain if you went for the general “business degree”. There … If you specialize (MIS), you can still get a general job (Consulting). I believe green tech engineers are going to be in demand soon, esp those with the know hows to build and not in the RnD field. Unemployment rate: 2.78% These are the people who design, build, and maintain ships of all types. Field also matters in this case like FELDA is prolly gonna need people from bio engineering but industries like machine making , automotive engineering or even electronics require blue collar workers. It is clear that the trend is towards information technology and automation and this is set to remain the case for the foreseeable future. Many of the CompSci students end up becoming programmer, which in fact they should be studying software engineering instead of computer science. The … Personally, I think colleges in general are becoming oversaturated because you have the media and liberals continuing to push that the "way to success" is to get a college degree and NO employer will … New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. It’s a great degree. Not many degrees are truly useless and/or saturated; if anything it is weak degree holders who are less useful and oversaturated. Unless, you go to a top ten school or a school with strong local alumni, then MBA is not really worth the cost and the time. It might seem like this because college degrees in general are getting “over saturated” compared to years past, but general business degrees are very valuable and often the most common and sought after of degrees. Please don't. I work at a top 25 business school and yes, it is supersaturated. It might seem like this because college degrees in general are getting “over saturated” compared to years past, but general business degrees are very valuable and often the most common and sought after of degrees.

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