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This is called feature engineering, and we used this approach to create feature variables such as type of customer, customer tenure, purchase amount, and purchase complexity (products per order). An open-source solution template that demonstrates Azure ML modeling and a complete Azure infrastructure capable of supporting Predictive Maintenance scenarios in the context of IoT remote monitoring. Aligned with our mission of digital transformation, these insights join data, technology, processes, and people in new ways—helping the collections team to optimize operations by focusing on customers who are likely to pay late. feature engineering are listed below: This section discusses the main modeling techniques for PdM problems, along with their specific label construction methods. Identify the main causes of failure of an asset. Based on these data points, the algorithm learns to predict how many more units of time a machine can continue to work before it fails. Beyond deciding which customers to contact first, we see customer trends related to invoice amount, industry, geography, products, and other factors. The green squares represent records belonging to the time units that can be used for training. In some situations, the minority class may constitute only 0.001% of the total data points. The figure shows the records that should go into training and testing sets for X=2 and W=3: Figure 7. Use this failure column to create labels for the predictive model. Azure Machine Learning also gives us a risk percentage score of how likely the customer is to pay on time. Managers can then redirect their teams and help prioritize. For example, assume that ambient temperature was collected every 10 seconds. Different skill sets are used within CSEO to build out our machine-learning models. They may not scale well for the dense data over wider time windows, as seen in PdM scenarios. The problem should have a record of the operational history of the equipment that contains, The recorded history should be reflected in. You can read this section along with a review of the demos and proof-of-concept templates listed in Solution Templates for predictive maintenance. solution templates listed in the guide Two questions are commonly asked with regard to failure history data: (1) "How many failure events are required to train a model?" With the above preprocessed data sources in place, the final transformation before feature engineering is to join the above tables based on the asset identifier and timestamp. These estimations are often overly optimistic. In this method, the target variable holds categorical values. Consequently, the number of examples in minority class is increased, and eventually balance the number of examples of different classes. Sampling methods are not to be applied to the test set. These null values can be imputed by an indicator for normal operation. For this case, a better strategy would be to use average the data over 10 minutes, or an hour based on the business justification. Lag features are then computed using the W periods before the date of that record. should be determined in consultation with the domain expert. Improve customer satisfaction by reaching out to specific customers with a friendly reminder, while not bothering those who typically pay on time. The two major ones are sampling techniques and cost sensitive learning. Analyze customer behavior and be more predictive and proactive. Here again, the guidance from the domain expert is important. For a data set with 99% negative and 1% positive examples, a model can be shown to have 99% accuracy by labeling all instances as negative. For (1), more the number of failure events, better the model. With class imbalance in data, performance of most standard learning algorithms is compromised, since they aim to minimize the overall error rate. The second half explains the data science behind PdM, and provides a list of PdM solutions built using the principles outlined in this guide. Principles and Techniques for Data Scientists, O'Reilly, 2018. Data quality is a well-studied area in statistics and data management, and hence out of scope for this guide. They should be specified by the data scientist. Time units are defined based on business needs in multiples of seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and so on. They should be aware of the internal processes and practices to be able to help the analyst understand and interpret the data. So the training data should contain sufficient number of examples from both categories. The relevant data sources are discussed in greater detail in Data preparation for predictive maintenance. Driving Microsoft's transformation with AI. The guide also points to useful training resources for the practitioner to learn more about the AI behind the data science. One of the first PdM solution templates based on Azure ML v1.0 for aircraft maintenance. Additional data sources that influence failure patterns should be investigated and provided by domain experts. the type of windows. We also get a valuable understanding of the factors or tendencies linked with customers who’ve paid versus those who haven’t. The goal of cross validation is to define a data set to "test" the model in the training phase. Regression models are used to compute the remaining useful life (RUL) of an asset. The benefit is that we can focus on these customers. These records may be ordered according to the time of labeling. Some examples for the circuit breaker use case are voltage, current, power capacity, transformer type, and power source. Knowledge of Azure Data and AI services, Python, R, XML, and JSON is recommended. After the split, generate the model and measure its performance as described earlier. Knowing who to connect with, and in what format to … Examples are the equipment make, model, manufactured date, start date of service, location of the system, and other technical specifications. The question here is: "What is the probability that the asset will fail in the next X units of time?" Machine and operator metadata: Merge the machine and operator data into one schema to associate an asset with its operator, along with their respective attributes. Elevators are capital investments for potentially a 20-30 year lifespan. At each iteration, use the examples in the current fold as a validation set, and the rest of the examples as a training set. Dasu, T, Johnson, T., Exploratory Data Mining and Data Cleaning, Labeling for multi-class classification for failure time prediction. Last week I wrote about using AWS’s Machine Learning tool to build your models from an open dataset. The only prioritization was based on balance owed or number of days outstanding. Businesses face high operational risk due to unexpected failures and have limited insight into the root cause of problems in complex systems. For time-dependent split, pick a training cutoff time Tc at which to train a model, with hyperparameters tuned using historical data up to Tc. Use the remaining error codes or conditions to construct predictor features that correlate with these failures. The data requirements and modeling techniques to build PdM solutions are also provided. Ideally, enough representatives of each class in the training data are preferred to enable differentiation between different classes. Based on insights, we correlate that the customer is less likely to pay late because we proactively fix the disputed issue online before the due date. Last week I wrote about using AWS’s Machine Learning tool to build your models from an open dataset. Failure probabilities will inform technicians to monitor turbines that are likely to fail soon, and schedule time-based maintenance regimes. Notice that a single modeling technique can be used across different industries. helpful sources are provided for further reading in the section for These failures make up the minority class examples. In PdM, failures that constitute the minority class are of more interest than normal examples. For PdM, feature engineering involves abstracting a machine's health over historical data collected over a sizable duration.

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