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(Yeah, I know, I’m getting lost in GoT minutiae.). We discuss the show so much here and oft we forget the books, anyhow I was skimming through them and realized how far apart the show is from the books, with only two left. Sansa was crying about having to marry Tyrion and missing out on a chance to go with LF. The common people hate Cersei’s guts, and given a more palatable option (one who grants them peace and good harvests, to paraphrase Jorah), they’ll take it, known entity or not. This is what the rebellion was about: a girl and pride. In fact, Dany is the one risking all that she has to save their bricks and mortar… and their bacon, she’s saving their bacon, too. • Cersei Lannister: die in episode 5 or 6 But nope: KL smallfalk does nothing but spat on every prisoner paraded through the streets be it Cersei or Elaria and worship anyone who parades them be it High Sparron or Euron. Avengers wasn’t even on my radar. 2.) Simply put, it depends on the democracy. There is only one character who has seen how everyday people just trying to earn a living and feed their families get swept up in the violence of war, and are robbed, pillaged, tortured, raped, extorted, maimed, abducted, enslaved, left homeless, and murdered by marauders and paramilitary thugs given license by those in power. Nobody knew anything about Rhaegar and Lyanna. I suppose some could point to Lyanna’s youth, although she never seemed naive in her descriptions, but Rhaegar certainly knew better. The pay-cable network also revealed that "Winterfell," the final season premiere, has now reached more than 38 million viewers. After all the Freys and the Tullys dissapeared after season 3 only to reappear in tthe last 3 seasons. Just imagine Cersei with a dragon or three. To the realm. Cersei and the Faith Militant story beginning to unfold There was no thinking, no internat conflict, no atonement. It seems they think of it as taboo, somehow. This phase ends, when a great LOCAL ruling TEAM finally arises to move the nation forward. Rickard is burned alive. As Robert should have done after the Trident. The Ironborn fleet is closing in on Mereen T: He did. And it looks like she will. And all in all, GOT has never been about systemic change but rather about people and their choices. Semi-Off Topic: (Take off the 3ER goggles.). I agreed with his decision to welcome everyone into the new nation but it is a very very very difficult path. There’s also always the outside chance that T=T and Tyrion is king in his own right. Bran: He will be here tonight! ______ She is fundamentally reordering Essos’ socio-economic structure in a more just direction. Many are young and not aware of the American rebellion against the British or even that America had a king. But we were safe. • Bronn: Or surivive or killed by Cersei in the first episode And before Daenerys there were other Targs whose children were monsters born with draconic traits. Those are all good and interesting questions, none of which have been raised on the show or which they’ve shown any interest in. I find it curious how they made Tyrion make slavery legal when in the books it was Dany. TV Guide's weekend editor breaks down the week's best, worst, and weirdest TV moments. They just want to be able to go about their business without getting killed for no good reason. After killing lord Rickard and Brandon Stark, Aerys demanded to Jon Arryn to hand over Robert and Eddard. When the official HBO schedule fell a bit short of those numbers, especially for the third episode, not so much—though a lot can be done in 60 minutes and I’m sure it would’ve been a great battle regardless, there’s no denying 20 minutes can make a big difference. Not with that much production put into it. Sandor: “Not here for long. I will look for this old post and try to improve its clarity because I do not want to keep rehashing a college class in world history. Who’s on the iron throne isn’t a popularity contest, or even based on who’s most suitable. I’m having a shitty Friday despite the presence of Arbor gold, and this made me laugh out loud. That episode was writen by George R R Martin himself. The Night King taking out some major characters is natural. Could the show bring back these last/lost Targaryens only to kill them? I suspect they both die during this process. The Targs were secure.

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