begonia maculata mildew

However, the begonia maculata is prone to powdery mildew that would compromise the beauty of the plant. only when they've been outside , including new nursery plants. These evergreen perennial plants are native to the tropical rainforests in Brazil. A humidifier would be the ideal way to maintain the right humidity levels around the plant. Also, rain is a huge problem for polka dot begonias as the dew collected on leaves can lead to mildew so if you can, place your polka dot begonia under a … A humidity level of 45% is recommended for the polka dot begonia. But B.maculata has stronger leaves then rexes, I think. Begonia maculata is a type of cane begonia that has thick stems that support spotted angel wing-shaped leaves. Because of their native environment, high humidity, warm temperatures, and indirect or filtered light are the essential care factors. anyway, I am very cautious now with spraying rexes. Clusters of angelic white flowers enhance the beauty of this peep in the warm days of spring and summer. Start with a light commercial potting soil and add a few handfuls of perlite along with a lesser amount of wood chips until you get a springy, fluffy mix. begonia plant will eventually die. However, the plant will still thrive with higher humidity levels. I don't have problems with mildew/fungal on begonias indoors (when they are kept strictly indoors and are my propagations from leaves). Because begonias get easily damaged by cold weather, you should bring your begonia inside as soon as it gets below 60 °F or 15 °C. Leaves. As a cane begonia, the plant’s thick stems hold a bit of water and don’t like wet conditions. Begonia Maculata Flowers. Maculata can grow up to 60 inches or 1.5 meters in height. Each mature leaf can grow in the range of 20 to 25 cm in size.

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