best books about con artists

The home of killer crime books, drama and film. Casey Cep tells the tale of the murders, the trials, and Lee's efforts in Furious Hours. Highsmith never attempts to excuse or soften Ripley’s increasingly psychopathic behaviour (though Ripley himself is rather more self-pitying) but in spite of that, it’s impossible not to find yourself rooting for him, even while you’re desperate for his comeuppance. She hoped to write her own In Cold Blood based on the case of fraud and murder. I wanted to write a book about someone creates their own nightmare – someone who sets out to commit a crime, to actively deceive others, and in doing so brings the events of the novel upon themselves. Heist and con artist books are some of my favorites, but there seems to be a lack of them in YA :/ I haven’t read all the ones you have mentioned, but I don’t know any others. There are several well-documented stories about con artists, such as Count Victor Lustig, in this book: It even includes a story of a man who successfully conned gangster Al … Jul 06, 2014 Victor rated it it was amazing. Under the pretense of raising money for reservations, Laplante conned the western U.S. and continental Europe out of their cold, hard cash. Having written three books about characters who were essentially in the wrong place at the wrong time – ordinary, innocent women caught up in terrifying events basically through no fault of their own – I decided I wanted to do something rather different for my fourth. Taking the Leap provides a concrete guide for artists looking to exhibit their work from someone who has had years of experience. Read an extract from Ruth Ware’s new psychological thriller, The Death of Mrs Westaway, here. My own Hal is no Irene Adler – in fact, in many ways she’s the opposite of Holmes’s brilliant, beautiful, merciless adversary. The devil gets all the best tunes, or so they say. Con artists are often in the news these days, but this week special attention went to a fascinating story, ... November's Best Reviewed History and Politics Books November 24, 2020 by Book Marks. An investment huckster who conned friends and relatives out of $65 billion, Bernie Madoff has lived to see his name become synonymous with "con man." For Americans, Bernie Madoff is probably one of the best-known con artists out there, which makes sense because he ran the single biggest ponzi scheme in the whole of history. Con artists have made headlines for centuries, and most people can probably name at least one financial, forgery, or identity scandal that shook the foundations of cable news in their lifetime. But it’s true he has a code of ethics, is intensely loyal to his friends, and his choice of victim, in the form of the casino industry, is a pretty astute one. In fact, he doesn’t really set out to commit a con at all – the planning and conception is down to another character entirely, the shady Alex Loding who appears only briefly at the beginning and end of the novel. Check out the true-crime books about con artists below — just don't get too inspired by the stories: In Bad Blood, journalist John Carreyrou tells the inside story of Elizabeth Holmes' tech startup, Theranos, a company that made billions off of a medical technology concept that ultimately failed to deliver. The way this book was written was more for victims then Con artists. Stories of real-life confidence games are everywhere these days. October 13, 2013 Once again I require awesome history books plz December 5, 2012 Good Historic books May 24, 2008 Being a retired con this book really didn't teach me anything that I didn't already know except maybe on how to sell a dog using a persons greed, this has me thinking what else I can use other then a dog to use to sell on the greed factor.

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