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LG CineBeam HU80KS returns with this 4K projector Black Friday discount, Best Buy Black Friday deals: save on TVs, speakers, headphones, AV, audio, This LG CX OLED is the best value OLED still in stock this Black Friday, The 7 best Black Friday TV deals live right now, The 7 best Black Friday audio deals: speakers, record players and more. In the mid 1990s, the sub-£150 speaker market place was a tough place to be. Your music follows you everywhere you go with the exquisitely detailed sound quality of KEF headphones. We described the quality of their imaging as “almost eerie”, and able to “give a three-dimensional, almost tactile effect”. Die LS50 Wireless II ist mehr als nur ein Hochleistungslautsprecher; sie ist das perfekte All-in-One-Musiksystem, das dank der Wireless-Kompatibilität mit AirPlay 2, Chromecast und weiteren Quellen sowie den Kabelverbindungen für Ihren Fernseher, Ihre Spielkonsole und Ihren Plattenspieler von jeder Quelle streamen kann. A simply gorgeous speaker with the sound to match, the Reference 1 speakers are brilliant all-rounders that work superbly across across a wide range of music, systems and rooms. Welcome to What Hi-Fi? REFERENCE bietet eine besonders realistische Klangbühne – voller emotionaler Bandbreite, Tiefe und Präzision. At the time we said the KEFs “not only throw down the gauntlet to the likes of the Mission 732s, they cock a snook and thumb their nose too!” High praise indeed. is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. KW1 Wireless Produkt des Jahres & Innovation des Jahres, Hören Sie jedes detail - mit derKEF Q-Serie. There was a problem. The price tag might be £5k but the Reference 1s are worth every penny – you won't find a better bookshelf speaker in KEF's entire stable. The KEF R3s are the complete package and one of the most talented all-rounders we’ve heard from the brand in recent years. We noted “a level of insight and detail resolution way beyond most rivals” and the fact they deliver "a sound good enough to worry most speakers below the two grand mark". Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. © NY 10036. The oldest model on this list, the KEF Coda 3s originally featured in What Hi-Fi? Kef LS/LSX are one of Kef's higher lines of speakers. Black Friday deals: see all the best offers right now! Their 30cm cabinets used an upside-down driver layout with a 13cm coated paper bass driver sat above a 25mm soft dome tweeter. BK Electronics - Sub Woofers - Sub Bass - Subwoofer At 37cm they were relatively tall for budget standmounters and this extra size was reflected in the exceptional sense of scale and openness. Archive to find the KEF R3s. Künstler weltweit haben stets neue Antworten auf das jetzige Leben, welches unsere Beziehung zum Internet verändert hat. MR are one of Monitor Audio's lower line of speakers, perhaps their lowest. Old speakers vs new speakers: Which are better? If you've ever taken any interest in speakers or higher-end audio, Polk Audio is … Though it shares the same name as an older KEF … 's British Hi-Fi Week. Best record players 2020: best turntables for every budget, Best Bowers & Wilkins speakers 2020: budget, premium, bookshelf, floorstander, Best budget Bluetooth speakers 2020: big on sound, kind on your wallet. Make no mistake, the new KEF KUBE 12b is a great subwoofer, especially at this pricepoint and size. They weren’t a high-end, mega-money pair of loudspeakers, but they still made quite the impression, blowing the competition out of the water and receiving a glowing five-star review for their troubles. The Reference 3s were four-way baby towers that boasted beautiful curved cabinets, and a time-aligned tweeter sat on top of a Uni-Q driver. Near universally, those here recommend BK Electronics Subs for high-quality and high-value. Receive news and offers from our other brands? The configuration of the speaker meant KEF had five separate drivers to integrate, yet the 203s still managed to produce a “beautifully seamless” sense of cohesion across the board. KEF is one of the most well-respected British brands in world hi-fi and has been for well over 50 years. Die MUON ist einer der extravagantesten Lautsprecher der Welt und besticht durch ihre überragende Mischung aus Design und exzellentem Klang. Die LS50 Meta ist ein hochpräziser, musikalischer Lautsprecher, der auf einer revolutionären akustischen Technologie basiert. This sealed KEF Kube subwoofer's flexible configuration lets you design a sound system to match your space. Needless to say the LS50s sounded exceptional, with impressive dispersion, a huge stereo image and big, communicative bass. They’re on page 62 of our 2018 Awards issue, complete with the stereo speaker Product of the Year stamp of approval. Like the Coda 7s, the Cresta 2s used a simple 25mm soft dome tweeter with a 13cm coated paper cone, but in a more traditional arrangement, with the former positioned above the latter. Dieser solide, kompakte Lautsprecher wurde rund um den Uni-Q der 12. 16 of the best British speakers of all time, 10 of the best British turntables of all time. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, KEF. Sehen Sie sich Ihren Einkaufswagen an und gehen Sie zur Kasse, Sparen Sie 200€ beim Kauf eines LSX Systems, Produkt des Jahres & Innovation des Jahres, Nehmen Sie mit der KEF Q-Serie jedes kleinste Detail Ihrer Lieblingsmusik und Ihrer Lieblingsfilme wahr, Hören Sie jedes detail - mit der KEF Q-Serie, Hören Sie jedes Detail - mit der KEF Q-Serie. Bring music and movies to life with KEF Home Audio. Small and compact floorstanders have a certain charm and this was definitely the case with the diminutive KEF Q35s, which debuted in 1997. Generation mit Metamaterial-Absorptionstechnologie-Treiber entwickelt und ist in der Lage, überall im Raum detaillierten Sound zu liefern. … This was done to lower distortion, improve power handling and deliver more bass from a small cabinet. We said the speakers delivered a “dynamic, exciting performance that gives a crystal-clear view of the music.” Even at £3000 we felt they were worth every penny. Crafted from premium materials for sophisticated looks and a precise sound, they offer the ultimate in performance, comfort and style. The company’s ethos is based around engineering, design and development which can be seen in trademark technology such as the Uni-Q driver, which still features heavily in its products today. Dank unserer Leidenschaft für Perfektion wird jeder Klang mit einer Präzision wiedergegeben, so dass Sie die Performance nicht nur sehen und hören sondern auch spüren können. The Coda IIIs used a KEF designed and Japanese built 3cm fabric dome tweeter, plus a 20cm paper pulp mid-bass driver which was glued into the cabinet to ensure a solid seal. Proper budget speakers didn't get much better in 1985. The company's trademark Uni-Q driver was present, but it was also joined by what KEF referred to as its coupled-cavity bass loading tech, which had two drive units actually firing within the speaker’s cabinet. way back in 1985. And a fitting end to our round-up. KEF R400b: $1,700 With two opposing 9-inch active drivers in a sealed box, the R400b takes a decidedly musical approach to bass reproduction and, reviewer Mark Fleischmann thought it proved itself a stellar (if polite) complement to the R300 Series, one of KEF’s finer compact speaker systems. Erleben Sie Musik auf ihre persönliche Art mit den Wireless HiFi Lautsprechern von KEF. You don’t have to trawl back very far through the What Hi-Fi? The best home subwoofer … It has plenty of amazing features and has got a 10-inch (250mm) high-output woofer as well as 100-watt RMS (200-watt dynamic) digital power amplifier. Without getting into a whole bit about phase relationships (see KEF Blog: How To Get the Most Out Of Your Subwoofer: Phase and Positioning for more detail) simply experiment with the phase control on your subwoofer and go with the one that sounds best to you. KEF Subwoofers offer supreme power and performance bringing the depths of the action into your home. Thank you for signing up to What Hi-Fi?. Enter the Coda 7s, KEF’s brave attempt to wrestle back some of that market share. Bass frequencies would then emit from a solitary opening on the front of each speaker. In der Zeit des Lockdowns entstehen stetig neue Möglichkeiten, mit den verschiedensten Künsten in Kontakt zu treten. In 1976. We are recognised in the history of loudspeaker development as one of the most important contributors and a great deal of our research has been published at well respected professional institutions, including the Audio Engineering Society and the Institute of Acoustics.

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