best microphone for recording vocals

The Audio-Technica AT2020 is an ideal beginner’s microphone. Not only that, but it also is extremely versatile and ideal when recording a wide range of sound sources as well as using different techniques. Having a slight frequency curve, it will sound pleasurable with almost any singer’s voice and give you enough presence to allow for minimal EQing so you don’t have to spend hours upon hours finding the right settings for your voice. It’s a mic that’s easy to fall in love with because of the sound and because it’s so affordable. If you don’t have this mic, you’re missing out. Where do we start with one of our favorite microphone packages of all time? Although definitely on the higher-end of the budget-range, if you can afford this one, you’ll have some extremely clear and pleasing vocal tracks in your songs. There is also a widely praised bass roll off and mid-range presence in it’s mixes, which gives a nice and distinct sound for vocals. In this article, I’ve included mics from a bunch of different price points, so let that be a bit of a reference. These dual tone controls make it ultra versatile and easy to accomplish these things. The Shure SM7B is behind some of the best vocals of this musical era. The SM58 is extremely rugged and reliable. For example as stated previously, condenser microphones will need to be powered up by some external source of power (‘phantom power’), and although many do come with a standard 48-volt power box to use them with, there are more options for you to give you some flexibility while you record. From what I’ve seen, a lot of them are better or even meant for things like podcasting and streaming, but if you don’t have an audio interface to plug into, a USB mic will work fine. The vacuum tube circuitry brings a very natural and unique sound, but one that isn’t over-the-top (used by Sinatra and George Martin frequently — not this particular mic, but a variation and older version of this one). You can also use this to record various instruments, such as piano, drums, and guitar. This brand in particular focuses on ‘vintage’-like compressors, preamps and mics, and this one is no different from their others. Whatever you feel comfortable spending is the right answer. Aside from budget, selecting the best type of microphone for your vocal recordings will be key here. While it is primarily used in the studio, the SM7B can be used for live performances as well, although it may not be as sturdy and equipped for the road as some of Shure’s other mics are. Now that you are prepared, it’s time to go out and test some vocal mics and make your purchase. It’s in the upper mid range in terms of price, but the mic is definitely a powerhouse and well worth purchasing. Condenser mics require a power source to operate, from either a battery or phantom power. However, there are plenty of decent USB microphones for vocals out there. It also has a pretty wide frequency response range for a dynamic mic, starting at 50 Hz and ending at 18 kHz. Because the M80 isn’t midrange heavy, it can be used with instruments as well as vocals. The WA-47 from Warm Audio is an astounding mic for recording vocals. As for the high pass filter and mic attenuation, the pre-attenuation pad cuts the mic’s signal down several dB, allowing it to accept audio from much louder sources, like a guitar amp, hard hitting drums, or even brass instruments. This article is an easy solution for that, providing you with detailed reviews of the best vocal mics available for you to purchase in 2020. The Top 11 Dynamic Microphones For Vocals. Good luck! When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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