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The latter quality is essential for owners of different microphones. We can recommend Atlas Sound MS-10C to professionals as it is a little better than On Stage MS7201B, or to those who do not mind an additional $ 25. We just want to note that the trip table stands (or stands with round base) take some place on your desk this stand for microphone can “interfere”, for instance, with your computer mouse, keyboard or other device, while scissor boom arm stand is attached to the side of the table and does not occupy much of your desk space because the microphone is in the air. This On Stage stand has folding legs and every leg has rubber tips to improve adhesion with the floor. Beyond that, this simple microphone stand can easily become one of the long-lasting workhorses of your studio. Hamilton SR610121B is one of the cheapest and high quality low profile stands today, with an excellent ratio price/quality. In our list, it is one of the highest stands as it has adjustable height 42.1” – 94.5″ (1.1 m – 2.4 m), unfortunately, the boom arm is not telescoping and this design is justified by a very high adjustment, the boom arm has a height of 30.7” (780mm). There is also a clip holder for handheld microphones in the package and there is a cable clip on the stand. Desktop Microphone Stand for Table Surface. The stand height without top bar adjusts from 40” (101cm) to 68” (173cm). Pros: Tall, two levels of height adjustment, cable holder reduces clutter. As stands of professional segment can withstand very heavy microphones and not sink under their weight, providing good durability, while stands of low price categories will successfully cope with light microphones weighing up to 1kg. The stand available in two colors: black and chrome. Boom arm extends from 35” (890mm) to 61” (1.5 m). Telescoping boom arm has adjustable height from 19.5” (48cm) to 34.5” (86cm). On Stage MS7201B is 34” – 60” (86cm – 152cm) in height and available in the color schemes: black, white, chrome. This combination you have seen for sure in old movies of the 50-ies – 70-ies. In addition, you can use this stand to record or voice a kick drum, guitar amplifiers, piano, etc. And of course, Atlas Sound MS25E will fit perfectly in pair with Atlas Sound boom arm PB21XEB, because you can easily wind this top bar to MS25E stand. As for the height of this stand, it has adjustable height higher than Ultimate Support MC-125, as it has a three-section vertical shaft and higher boom arm. Almost half stands from our list can be used simultaneously for both live performances and at the same time for studio work. Atlas Sound MS-10C is two times more expensive than On Stage MS7201B. We recommend Ultimate Support MC-125 only to professionals or for those who have a heavy studio microphone, as Ultimate Support MC-125 has a counterweight on the end of boom arm. The stand height is 6.6” (17cm) and unfortunately, it is not regulated. They are available in diverse options and designs. As for the quality of this stand, even though it is produced in China, all parts look high quality. Accessories. Selecting a stand, you must pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the stand’s height, the presence of functional attachments for mounting individual holders. This stand is very cheap, about the same price as On Stage MS7700B, making Samson MK-10 the cheapest stand in the section of microphone boom stands. Intended Use. As for the functionality, the size of boom arm is 15” (38cm) and the stand is adjustable from 11” (28cm) to 17” (43cm). 3. It is important that flat microphone stands are durable as they cannot break (there’s just nothing to break). On Stage MS7201B is a classic flat type microphone stand with heavy round base which is great for stage performance, as this type of stand will not interfere with the movements on stage and you will not touch the front foot. Also, there is included a microphone holder for handheld types of microphones. Currently, selecting the correct type of microphone stand is limited only by the situation in which you want to apply this accessory and your budget. Boom Arm is mounted on the stand and can be removed. Top 15 Best Shotgun Microphones (Interference Tube Principle), Top 15 Best Microphones for iOS Devices (iPhone & iPad), Top 15 Best Microphone Stands for Home and Studio, Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 Review – Professional Sampler, About Us |

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