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In the increasingly crowded technology market, a great logo can help your company stand out from other startups. Kick is the first mobile app that helps people overcome shyness through actionable daily Kicks and a supportive community. Try our logo generator and get a tech logo tailored just for you! The colour blue symbolised stability and trust and hence is a very suitable colour for tech logos. This color scheme fits the company’s tech products. TeamSync Bookmarks makes sharing bookmarks, online resources, and other tools easy by syncing bookmarks across computers in real-time. See more ideas about Tech company logos, Logos, Tech companies. Keep in mind that I examine these tech startup logos purely from the visual standpoint. Learning tech online is almost impossible. A more confident you. Want to know about the other famous logos that fall under the top 100 lists. Both minimal and attractive, Green Tech is a perfect choice for your sustainability-focused startup. These logo fonts come from a selection of Design Wizard logo templates and from businesses in a wide range of industries. We empower users to express themselves, discover the world, enjoy the moment, and have fun together. We’ve collected some amazing examples of tech company logos from our global community of designers. I’ve examined hundreds of tech startup logos in terms of their aesthetics and selected top 20 for your inspiration. An icon (app icon) will need to be seen easily and read clearly. So I’ve judged hundreds of tech startups in terms of their logo aesthetics against these five principles of effective logo design and I came up with a list of 10 best tech startup logos: 1. Iterate. They use cloud-based technology to ensure that you have access to all bookmarks anytime and anywhere. Before getting down to designing your logo, get some logo design tips from pros. Moozicore is revolutionary music streaming service that transforms background music in venues into an interactive customer-sourced playlists. Less than 3% of people that start online courses finish them. Your business deserves to have the best company logo. So without further ado, let’s jump right into the logo inspiration list and see some of the best tech logo examples: Here’s the list of 100 tech startups from 2017, which, in my opinion, have their logos on point. A logo with some wit can make your customers feel like your company has a personality. From construction logos to technology logos, you will find the perfect company logo at BrandCrowd.Browse thousands of designs - edit fonts, colors and layouts and make one your own in minutes. No matter how big your business is, a logo creates the perception of your company in your audience’s mind and adds up to the recall value of your brand. This logo inspiration list consist not necessarily of the best startups founded in 2017 - but they're surely among the successful ones. It requires an enormous amount of patience and an obsession with getting it right. HOLLA offers a unique and exciting way to meet fun people all over the world in seconds. If you're curious about the logo design process or how much logo design cost check my other articles. You’re a fun company, and your product is probably fun, too. Chorus is a place to swap podcast recommendations with friends, fans, and podcasters. Get inspired and start planning the perfect tech company … On the flash you can also create events to celebrate, assemble, get down to business, and more. This list of 20 best tech startup logo designs - will give you an example of what to focus on when searching for your logo inspiration. Green Spork is a new type of meal planner that works to reduce leftover perishable ingredients by intelligently pairing recipes. “Digiburst” is a logo template perfect for any technology, social, software … VEEPS has solved this problem with a scalable AI (Artificial Intelligence) solution. Make use of the top apps available to make your logo design. Iterate. Elevatr is redefining support for those affected by mental health issues and the people who care about them. Customers can control music in venues directly from their smartphones. If you are looking for an inspiration to design the … Unveil is a web app that helps couples manage and research their wedding vendors with ease. What do you think about these Startup logos? Best tech logos for reliable products — Another common thing that all tech company logos is that all of them are extremely simple and edgy. The average American household of 4 will throw out between $1,350 to $2,275 of food annually. Iterate is a platform for getting the customer feedback (in the form of surveys) to empower teams to make better decision and build better products. Be creative and make the best logo that suits the identity and brand image of your firm. Since we’re talking about tech logos specifically, these logos need to be flexible. BottleUp is a mobile nightlife reservation platform allowing customers to seamlessly book VIP tables and bottle service to exclusive nightclubs and lounges anywhere in the United States. Yes, it’s the leading tech company in the world, Apple. Welcome to our design portfolio. I strongly believe that the quality of your logo substantially contribute to your startup success (or failure). Iterate is a platform for getting the customer feedback (in the form of surveys) to empower … Coming up with unique designs for your logo can be difficult. Color it blue; A lot of tech companies, including Facebook, Twitter, Dell, Samsung, IBM, and HP, use the blue colour in their logo. The app lets you find exciting adventures near you in a minute or less, no plans, or dates required. And don't forget to show some love and share this article on social media. If you like what you see, just get in touch. Daily Confidence Exercises for Introverts & Shy Extroverts. You can create your own science and tech logo using BrandCrowd' logo maker below. Whether you want to raise funding, attract top talent, or bring in new customers, creating a memorable logo for your tech company will contribute to your success. Green Tech Logo (AI, EPS, PDF, CDR) Going green is not only better for the environment, but it's also an excellent design choice. Quickly make edits with this 100% editable tech logo template. SmartAssist enables a business to intelligently classify and automatically respond to simple known issues. The text-only design makes it highly recognizable. AskNed is an NLP engine that allows Enterprises to gain more insights into their data and build platforms that operate much more efficiently.

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