biggest catfish ever caught

What is the biggest flathead catfish ever caught? Tim Trone from Havana, Florida reeled in the new Georgia state record for a blue catfish when he hooked onto a 110lb 6oz, 58″ long, and 42″ girth of a monster catfish. It has been introduced to other regions from the United Kingdom to China and is an extremely popular freshwater fish. Advertisement. Angler S 76 52 Pound Flathead Is Heaviest Fish Ever Landed In Arizona. However, while the IGFA recognizes California as the home of the world white catfish record (19 pounds, 5 ounces; 2005), California's official state record (22-0, … Giant Catfish To Species Resources Acute Angling. The U.K. Mirror reported that the catch is the world’s largest wels catfish to be caught by rod and reel. This species of catfish is native to the central, eastern and southern areas of Europe. Man Breaks State Record For Biggest Catfish Ever Caught In Georgia. Europe – Wels Catfish . 10 Biggest Catfish World Records Of All Time. Michigan's flathead record (70-0) was reportedly caught while ice fishing; The IGFA world records for the four species were caught in the U.S. What is the biggest Wels catfish ever caught? The End Of Mythical Giant Catfish . The biggest catfish caught in the world for this species weighed 121.5 pounds and was captured at the Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge on Lake Texoma. Advertisement. A photograph purportedly showing a 736-pound catch adds to the collection of urban legends about monstrously large catfish. Biggest Channel Catfish Ever Caught In The South Outdoor Trip. Was a 736-Pound Catfish Caught in the Mississippi River? Wahpeton Nd World S Largest Catfish. Colorado Angler Catches Fish Of A Lifetime In Chattanooga Wtvc. Wildlife Resources Division - Georgia DNR / Facebook . The world angling record flathead catfish was caught May 14, 1998, from Elk City Reservoir, Kansas, and weighed 123 lb 9 oz (56.0 kg), however a record from 1982 shows that the flathead catfish would be North Americas longest species of catfish, after a specimen pulled from the Arkansas river that measured 175 cm (69 . Advertisement. Advertisement . Wels Catfish Thursday in Italy’s Po Delta river, setting a new record.

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