biggest speckled trout ever caught

A truly rare and wary creature, anglers prize these catches with the vast majority choosing the conservation ethic of catch, photo and release. (Salvelinus Fontinalis) Dr. Cook was on a guided fishing trip to the Nipigon River, Nipigon, Ontario when he caught the great fish. * Brown trout caught in Mackenzie hydro canals the 'biggest ever' "Secrecy surrounds the catch and we want to solve the mystery," Adams said. With that achievement done, we switched over to Speckled Trout and WOW what a bite we found. My personal best gator trout and the biggest trout that I have ever had a charter catch have been while wading. Record Speckled Trout Is Still Out There. “The largest trout I’ve ever weighed was a 33-inch trout that was 13.9 pounds, but this one was even fatter,” Deeks said. Back in July 21 / 1915, Thunder Bay was called Fort Williams and it was the home of Dr. JW Cook, the man who caught the World Record Brook Trout, also known by most Canadians as the Speckled Trout. A 30 inch speckled trout is the most sought after trophy fish on the Texas Gulf Coast. These gentlemen caught over 70 Sea Trout. Tale Of a 14-Foot Hammerhead And More Shark Stories May 10, 2018. SUPPLIED. The World’s Ugliest Gamefish May 14, 2018. Others surmised it might come from East Matagorda Bay. “But I hate weighing them, hate hanging them by the jaw. We solicited photos of the biggest trout in Texas waters and here is what we got along with the bay systems they were caught in. This spring expectations were that the state record speckled trout would be caught-either on Sabine Lake or in Lower Laguna Madre probably near Port Mansfield. A fisherman has caught the biggest ever wild brown trout to be pulled out of a British river - an 11lb beast FIVE times the average size. In both cases, the fish were caught in less than two feet of clear water at mid-morning with a bright sky — not what I would have considered prime trout time. We hit a few spots close to home at first and caught a couple of Redfish, with one of them being the biggest Mr. Charles has ever caught. Half of them were just under the legal size, but they had a blast catching every cast. By wading, you eliminate the boat and are super stealthy. Cynoscion nebulosus, the spotted seatrout, also known as speckled trout, is a common estuarine fish found in the southern United States along coasts of Gulf of Mexico and the coastal Atlantic Ocean from Maryland to Florida.

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