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Project may involve, but is not limited to, physical modeling and testing of integrated design projects, costs, planning, scheduling and research. Information regarding specific admission requirements and classification as a graduate student may be obtained from the Graduate Coordinator, Biomedical Engineering. Hypothesis-driven research in interdisciplinary teams, including written proposal development and written/oral communication of results to a scientific audience. Prerequisite: MATE 210, ME 328, STAT 312. Systems physiology with engineering applications. Application of mass transfer coefficients. Crosslisted as BMED/MATE 530. Robert SzlavikB.Eng., McMaster University, 1991; M.Eng., 1994; Ph.D., 1999. Micro/Nano Fabrication. 1 laboratory. An updated list of our current partners can be found on our program website - The complete Hodgkin-Huxley active membrane model, with an emphasis on its use in simulating the electrical activity of nerve cells. The Class Schedule will list topic selected. Prerequisite: Coursework to be completed and/or requirements to be met before taking the course Corequisite: Course or courses that must be taken in a previous term or in the same term Concurrent: Course or courses that must be taken in the same term Recommended: Course with supporting content that is recommended, but is not required to be taken in a previous term or in the same term. Tissue engineering is a rapidly developing field that combines engineered materials with living cells to restore or replace lost organ function. Introduction to digital logic gates, combinational and sequential logic circuits. KatonaB.S., Westmont College, 1996; M.S., University of California, Santa Barbara, 2000; Ph.D., University of California Santa Barbara, 2003; M.B.A., University of South Carolina, 2007. Engineering Physiology. Proposal writing and literature review; experimental design, implementation and troubleshooting; oral and poster presentations. Fundamentals of biomedical engineering analysis. 3 lectures, 1 laboratory. 1-4 units, BMED 583. The clinical engineer is a member of the health care team along with physicians, nurses and other hospital staff. Not open to students with credit in BMED 545. Engineering aspects of basic cell functions; biological control systems; muscle; neural; endocrine, and circulatory systems, digestive, respiratory, renal, and reproductive systems; regulation of metabolism, and defense mechanisms. Biophysical phenomena, transducers, and electronics as related to the design of biomedical instrumentation. 4 lectures. Clinical engineering is the application of technology for health care in hospitals. Class Schedule will list topics selected. Kristen O'Halloran CardinalB.S., California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, 2003; Ph.D., University of Arizona, 2007. BMED 471. 4 lectures. Engineering design methodology, design process, project planning, decision making, modeling, construction, and testing of an open-ended design project. 4 lectures. Exploration of detailed technical treatment of contemporary issues in biomedical engineering, and examination of technical and societal implications of these subjects. Engineering South (40), Room 115 Crosslisted as BMED 435/EE 473/MATE 435. Emphasis on biomedical engineering systems, applications, and system modeling including the use of modern tools. 4 units. Exploration of areas including cell source and isolation, scaffold selection and modification, tissue cultivation and bioreactor design, and patient implantation. No major credit allowed; total credit limited to 24 units. Fundamental principles and applications of biomedical imaging, modalities in medicine. CR/NC: Indicates a course is offered on a Credit/No Credit grading basis only. A system level design project related to surface biopotential detection and recording. Skeletal Tissue Mechanics. Statistical analysis. 2-4 units. Provides students with an off-campus industrial or university internship. Develop an understanding of the science of each process and how to select the right steps for fabricating electronic, photon and micro-electro-mechanical systems devices. Crosslisted as BMED/BRAE 213. Cultural Pluralism requirement. Biomedical engineering is an interdisciplinary field in which the principles and tools of traditional engineering fields, such as mechanical, materials, electrical, and chemical engineering, are applied to biomedical problems. Blended applications are due the second full week of instruction of each quarter. Exploration of contemporary issues in biomedical engineering, including technical and societal implications. Advanced study planned and completed under the direction of faculty. Genetic engineering and the industrial application of microbiology. Application of basic processes involved in microfabrication: cleanroom protocol, oxidation, diffusion, photolithography etching and sputtering. 4 lectures. Recommended: BMED 420, BMED 460. Formulation of outline, literature review, and project schedule. Selection and completion of senior thesis under faculty supervision. Biomedical engineering graduates successfully transition into the medical device industry and often find jobs at prominent and global leaders in medical devices and healthcare. The need for well educated professionals in this interdisciplinary area has become more acute as the technology being applied has become more sophisticated. 1 laboratory. 1 laboratory. 4 lectures. Current topics in biomedical engineering, including medical and industrial applications. BMED 591. Formulation of outline, literature review, and project schedule. Prerequisite: CE 204 or CE 208; and MATE 210. BMED 470. While you are encouraged to select a formal concentration, those who do not will default to the general curriculum. 4 units. Total credit limited to 12 units. BMED 310. Our graduates will demonstrate innovation, creativity, adaptability and critical thinking to solve problems in disciplines related to biomedical engineering that are relevant to industry, academia, or medicine, and health related fields.

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