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His reason for wanting to take control of Rapture is to use the power of ADAM to become an industry tycoon on the surface, but his own addiction to it finally gets the better of him. By the 1980s, the American television channel PHE broadcasted a two-part episode of Fact From Myth, titled Rapture: A Modern-Day Atlantis?, centered around the few pieces of evidence and stories of the city's existence to the surface. A terrible battle ensues and ends with Booker seemingly killing the Daddy. He responded by building Rapture, to escape a country whose ideals he could no longer stand. [2] Tenenbaum asked the man for the sea slug, suspecting that she had discovered something amazing, and began to look for a sponsor who would fund her research. Sofia is distraught by her daughter's actions and explains the only way to end the bond between her and Delta is to put The Pair Bond Mechanism failsafe into effect. Elizabeth is guided by the sound of Booker's voice speaking to her through the radio, who reveals himself to be a mental projection of her own subconscious rather than the man she once knew. If the player rescued the Little Sisters, then Eleanor will also rescue the girls and transport them to the lifeboat. GamesRadar+ is supported by its audience. As the conflict escalated, the harmful side effects of ADAM became more recognized among the population. Atlas, furious, threatens to lobotomize Sally instead, strapped to a gurney, despite Elizabeth's panicked claims that she doesn't know anything. Tenenbaum then explains that the only way for the Little Sisters to trust and follow Jack is if they think he is a Big Daddy. Sparing Grace changes her view on Big Daddies and she sends Delta some Security Bots to aid him. Ryan and his Central Council took little notice of the destitute and mostly ignored the issue, assuming they would manage to find work. Alexander says that the only way to lure 'Alex the Great' out is to obtain four special plants infused with ADAM. Jack arrives at Neptune's Bounty, Rapture's main dock and fishery. She is later brought back to Rapture from the Sea of Doors by Rosalind and Robert Lutece, and wakes up in the now rampaged department, in front of the vent where Sally was hiding and next to Comstock's lifeless body. With Splicer attacks growing more organized and becoming more effective, Ryan Industries' response was to create "Elite" versions of the Big Daddies, and to ask McClendon Robotics for new deadlier models of Security Bots. The removal of the Gatherers would, however, have a chaotic effect on the city's denizens. Delta destroys the water conduits, flooding Persephone. They enter Jack Frost's Village where the Plasmid they need was once promoted and the Frosty Splicer they previously saw took refuge. 1968: Rapture's Nightmare (BioShock 2) [edit | edit source] Main article: BioShock 2. The path to The Thinker is difficult as Wahl takes immediate note of Sigma's arrival at the Den and sends his forces after him. On December 31, 1958, a huge-scale working class riot broke out, led by Atlas, a charismatic leader in opposition to Ryan. Sofia reveals that Eleanor brought Delta back using the Little Sisters to take his genetic code and inject it into a hacked Vita-Chamber. She awakens two weeks later in the same room, and Atlas is now losing the war with Ryan. Inside the Silver Fin, she learns that Suchong was using the Tear she once went through to spy on Columbia and its inhabitants, making new discoveries useful for his own research and eventually building his own Lutece Device. Arcadia was forced to close business because of the activities of a Splicer pagan cult called the Saturnine. During the Civil War, Splicers learned how to take down Big Daddies, to retrieve the ADAM from the Little Sisters, harvesting the slugs embedded within them, resulting in the girls' deaths. Sinclair additionally explains to Delta that in order to buy the Plasmid, he will need ADAM from a Little Sister. Once Fontaine Futuristics was able to produce ADAM on a massive scale,[11] the marketing of Gene Tonics and Plasmids (developed by Dr. Yi Suchong) went mainstream, being sold to any individual that could afford them. As she regains consciousness, she witnesses a man pulling Sally out of the vent while another man, called Lonnie, is holding a gun against her head. There among the several possessions of Porter, an audio diary can be found recording the first use of the personality duplication program on The Thinker, which successfully managed to simulate Pearl Porter, Charles' deceased wife for whom he never stopped mourning. Jack, now acting on his own free will, hunts down and kills Fontaine – now completely transformed by ADAM – and escapes from Rapture. While Delta tries to find her, he soon realizes what is happening. Several ex-BioShock developers moved to 2K Marin, a new San Francisco Bay Area studio parent company Take-Two Interactive formed in late 2007. Delta allows Eleanor to preserve his mind and essence within herself rather than let him die. Poole panicked and sold Eleanor to the Little Sister's Orphanage, revealing he was the reason the girl was turned into a Little Sister. After using the key to lift the lockdown, Delta and Sinclair leave Pauper's Drop behind. Alexander states that he worked on the Big Daddy development program in the past and that his now spliced, inhumane self resides in the Laboratories. It opened on November 5, 1946 and construction finished in 1951. Depending on how the Little Sisters have been treated Eleanor says different things during this sequence. Atlas fights off the Splicers long enough to escape, but Ryan triggers explosives that destroy the submarine with Atlas' family inside. Steinman, a plastic surgeon who unlocked ADAM's cosmetic potential, and has lost his sense of reality due to over-splicing, becoming murderously insane in his pursuit of enforcing cosmetic perfection at any cost. Ryan did, however, listen to advice that the citizens were becoming anxious from the isolation of the city and the lack of sunlight. He faked his own death in 1958, returning as the enigmatic Atlas and leading the resistance against Ryan. After Jack enters the lighthouse, he descends into the ocean city using a bathysphere, as the history of Rapture is told through a pre-recorded film narrative by Andrew Ryan, the city's founder. The transformed girls eventually came to be known by the orphanage name "Little Sisters". After Delta fights and kills Sinclair, he takes the key from his body and ends the lockdown. There are three main endings (a good ending, a neutral ending, and a bad ending) along with two possible variations … This woman is Eleanor, his bonded Little Sister now ten years older. When he is near the ticket booth, Delta is informed by Tenenbaum that he is dying because of the Pair Bond Mechanism and that his bonded Sister, Eleanor Lamb, is waiting for him at Fontaine Futuristics. Jack battles Fontaine, attacking and damaging him constantly, forcing Fontaine to repeatedly teleport back to his ADAM-injection device for stronger splicing.

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