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The mic cable appears to be good-quality cable with a transparent blue plastic sheath revealing the braided cable screen beneath. Blue Microphones Bluebird Cardioid Condenser Microphone. The Blue Bluebird is currently no longer available for sale directly from Blue’s website, but typically it can be found online through various third-party vendors. In contrast, the Bluebird sounds smoother through the mid-range and upper mid-range, but with a sparkly brightness towards the top of the spectrum that implies more detail, air, and resolution than is really there. The current average price you can find the microphone at online is $199.99, including the microphone, shock mount, pop filter and wooden case. The Blue Bluebird is a clear front-runner performance wise, among other condenser microphones in its price-class. This in no way affects our review of a product. On a positive note, the Bluebird has an exceptionally natural sounding response to both low and high end presence. The bottom end rolls off smoothly and gradually from about 500Hz when the mic is used at a distance, but this is easily compensated for by the proximity effect when the mic is used at close range to the source. Although described as a cardioid mic, the polar response chart reveals hidden hypercardioid tendencies above 1kHz, where the rear rejection struggles to better 10dB. The included accessory pack is well worth having too and, apart from minor reservations about the cable wiring and the lack of a 3/8-inch thread adaptor, it makes the Bluebird kit very cost effective. It looks great, sounds smooth and detailed, and is remarkably quiet. Blue Bluebird Microphone Sings the Sweetest Tune. In these scenarios, the Blue Bluebird places that definition into the low and high frequencies, adding a rich texture to your overall recording that some other condenser microphones in its price range can not achieve. The Blue Bluebird is currently no longer available for sale directly from Blue’s website, but typically it can be found online through various third-party vendors. The specifications suggest a sensitivity of 27mV/Pa (2dB lower than for the Baby Bottle) with a noise floor of 7.5dBA (a corresponding 2dB higher). The diaphragm rests at the center of the capsule which in the front is a flat, perfect circle. The mic's electronics are phantom powered in the usual way, drawing a modest 1.8mA of current from a 48V supply, and able to operate within the specifications on supplies down to 35V. In addition to the microphone itself, supplied in a smart wooden box, the Bluebird kit also includes an accessory pack. Anyone who has used a Blue product in the past knows that their team takes design very seriously, and the results continue to impress with every new release. However, it has been optimised for fairly close placement — the contribution of the proximity effect is required to reproduce an accurate bass response. The Blue Bluebird is an excellent mic for the price, very versatile and clean sounding, I would definitely recommend adding this one to your mic collection. Releasing these allows the block to be split in two and clamped around the stalk below the Bluebird mic capsule. Which if placed improperly, or used for example with a vocalist who has a dominant presence in that range, using the Blue Bluebird in that scenario would result in an over-exaggeration of that presence in the resulting recording. The First Female Vocal Recording made it clear, that in most cases, I will not use it again for female singers. In addition to the microphone itself, supplied in a smart wooden box, the Bluebird kit also includes an accessory pack. The mic is not "boomy" or harsh sounding at all. All contents copyright © SOS Publications Group and/or its licensors, 1985-2020. I also tried the Bluebird on a clarinet and a sax, obtaining nice crisp results from both, and as an overall mic above a percussionist it delivered clear detailed transients that sat nicely in the mix. The design of the Blue Bluebird is elegant, decorative and consistent. Re: Why does Liam Gallagher's vocals sound shit? What is a "hybrid" audio interface anyway? All employ Class-A circuit topologies in the head amps, with either valve or solid-state (FET) active devices depending on model, and most feature transformerless outputs.Photo: Mark Ewing. Although the Bluebird's size makes it slightly harder to place sometimes, and rather more conspicuous, its distinctive shape and colour often worked very much in its favour, making it an ideal choice when some ego-flattering was required! The packaging of the Blue Bluebird did not fall short on design, either. Why Are Some A-B Stereo Arrays Angled Outwards? The good news is that the versatile Bluebird is now available in its own right, along with an impressive kit of parts that includes cable, shockmount, and bespoke pop screen. I also prefer the blue body! I own four of their mics and they all sound great — I mean good enough to stand next to vintage mics costing six times more — and they all sound different from one another. Most of BLUE's models are optimised for specific applications, but the Bluebird is a true general-purpose mic, equally at home recording vocals, electric or acoustic guitars, drums, percussion, piano, brass, strings, and so on. This contains one of Blue's own bespoke 'high-definition' microphone cables — in this case a six-metre 22awg Blueberry cable — plus a specially designed Birdcage cradle shockmount and the Birdnest metal-mesh pop filter.The included Birdnest pop screen clamps directly to the capsule mounting stalk.Photo: Mark Ewing. The Bluebird, like the other SL models, is a Cardioid pattern condenser mic. If Southern California went on a blind date with Miami Vice, the Bluebird large diaphragm microphone would be the spawn of the two.Sunny warm sound meets impenetrable style in this pastel and chrome masterpiece of innovative engineering. Bluebird SL advances that legacy with refined sonics and versatile switches to capture exceptionally clear and powerful sound that makes ears perk up and listen. It's not a new design as such — but it was previously only available as part of a package with various Digidesign and Focusrite products. blue bluebird blue bluebird review blue microphones condenser microphones studio recording microphones For harder rock-style vocals it can be great, but I often find it a little too aggressive sounding for gentler vocalists or most instrumentalists — although it can work very well to give acoustic guitars just the right edge to cut through in a complex mix. it make your vocal go high way more easier compare other three mic i tried. –Gizmodo “Whether you’re a professional looking to lay down a few tracks or a podcast hobbyist looking for a good microphone, Blue Microphones are the way to go.” The highs are smooth and bright, the mids are subtle and crisp. Although more hypercardioid than cardioid, the mic's frequency response is sufficiently neutral to suit a wide range of instrumentation and voices, and the supplied shockmount, pop screen, and cable make this an ideal high-quality option for novice or experienced user alike. The body is painted over entirely with the company’s trademark solid baby blue with a glittering finish, and there is a small golden company emblem glued to the front, middle-top. The Bluebird sounds as attractive as it looks, and represents a useful and versatile addition to the BLUE range.

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