blue spruce dying

Needles turn purple or brown in color and eventually fall off. I have several blue spruce trees in my yard, but over the past couple years the branches starting at the bottom are dying off. I'm guessing this is some disease that is slowly killing them. Blue Spruce Dying. Twitter Share. Save For Later. These are gorgeous irreplaceable trees that I'd like to save if possible. The disease lives on the current year’s shoots and, the following year, the needles will shed leaving the branch bare. What could it be? Occasionally, the disease begins higher in the tree, with inner needles browning in the upper branches. The disease begins on the tree's lower branches and works its way upward. Noticed that a single branch in the top of the tree died initially but I recently trimmed up the bottom and now I think I just accelerated the death process as 1/3rd of it … Kimberly Bohn, Ph.D. Former Extension Educator, Forestry and Natural Resources Pennsylvania State University . My old blue spruce tree is dying, can I save it? Hey all - I have many Blue Spruce on my property and all seem to be dying from the bottom up. I thought lack of sunlight might be the issue for some that have become surrounded by bigger trees but even Blue Spruce's on their own with plenty of sunlight as affected. Description. I've got a blue spruce tree that is a good 24-30 foot high and getting near 30 years old. How do you know when a blue spruce is dying? The disease, referred to as Rhizosphaera needle cast, is the most common problem seen on blue spruce samples that are submitted to the Plant Disease Clinic. Ask an expert. The trees are dropping needles fast- this is due to one of several needle-cast diseases. Instructors. Why are My Spruce Trees Dying? Blue spruce trees are also susceptible to Rhizosphaera needle cast, caused by the fungus Rhizosphaera. Blue spruce’s branches are dying; now what? Why are My Spruce Trees Dying? Reviews. Facebook Share. Blue spruce trees are susceptible to an infectious needle disease caused by the fungus Rhizosphaera. I water it regularly and live in the midwest Learn how to identify types of spruce trees, symptoms of two common fungal diseases, and what if any treatments are available. Posted Oct 11, 2020 . Asked December 20, 2019, 11:42 AM EST. Overview. I planted 2 and the other is thriving. Appreciate any help. Videos Length: 00:07:09. I planted a blue spruce in the spring this year I thought a racoon climbed it to reach a bird feeder and killed some branches but it looks like the tree is dying. Many of the blue spruce around my house are in sandy soil, they are still dying.

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