borderlands 3 2080ti

$2499 won't even be enough to give you 60FPS average, with … While last week’s hotfix patch squashed a couple of performance-related issues, a proper solution for getting rid of things like stuttering and its DX12 load time problems has yet to materialise. When it comes to raw numbers, Borderlands 3 seems to be extremely well optimized. The good news is that a lower end card (e.g. Our benchmark was run using the ultra preset at 1080p, 1440p and 4K, then re … We tested the game both … Both are optimized for Borderlands 3, so make sure you’re running the latest driver version. Borderlands 3 PC performance. GeForce GTX 1650) is enough to enjoy a medium-quality gaming experience. Just a few days away from the official premiere of Borderlands 3, it's no wonder that there are graphic benchmarks on the web, showing which of the chipsets are performing best in this production. Borderlands 3 may have been 2K’s fastest selling game in the history of forever, but it sure hasn’t been very quick about fixing its various performance problems over on PC. If you thought 1080p and 1440p was hard on graphics cards in Borderlands 3 -- 4K is the real MVP.

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