cadbury gorilla advert analysis

A verbal description of this ad is the slogan that the Dickies used to further their product. 1908 – Cadbury Bournville Chocolate Cadbury said its multi-media “Gorilla” advertising campaign had helped increase sales of its core Dairy Milk chocolate brand in the UK by about 8 per cent since its launch at the end of August. • George Cadbury didn’t want to take mothers away from their children, so he developed a company rule that women had to leave work when they got married. Monkey Produced in 2007, this advert was produced to offer a new lease of life to the Cadbury brand after recent bad press regarding hygiene standards. 1865 – Cadbury Cocoa Essence Cadbury Product Timeline Also written... ...Cadbury SWOT Analysis 2006 They provided a picture of a woman who supposedly uses this product along with many other attractive images and statements. The only thing that has any relevance to Cadbury is the fact that the back drop behind the gorilla is in the famous Cadbury purple, this shows the strength of the brand: the chocolate bar does not ever have to be mentioned (although it is shown briefly at the end of the advert). Such advert had a possibility to 'go viral', which indeed it did, only producing more exposure for the brand. This advert has a humorous tone, paired with an iconic soundtrack. • Non-diegetic sound is used, in the form of the soundtrack. Advertising is the marketing of an idea in ways that encourages and persuades audiences to take some sort of action. In the bottom right corner of the ad is says,“Part... ... Brainwashed Barbies • It appears the camera shots are originally slowed down in the edit, until the climax is reached, where the clips are played in real-time. After identifying Cadbury’s brand archetype, we can dig deeper into the business strategy, with a SWOT Analysis. And this slogan is just as important as the image in the ad in promoting the product being sold. A teenage girl will shop at any day or time of the week, so whenever a new cool product is out on the market, they’re probably already in line for it. ...manufactured by Cadbury. On the surface, the advertisement snaps to the eye and does a great job attracting attention with it's digital photoshop. The three most famous campaigns to date are 'Gorilla's' in 2007, 'Airport trucks' in 2008, and 'Eyebrows' in 2009. One of the main aspects the producer uses to attract the consumer is the need for attention. This is another way of adding tension, with such expectancy paired with receiving chocolate (explained later). Keen to reinvigorate the brand, Cadbury approached Fallon London in March 2007 with a clear, concise brief: ‘Get the love back’. • Cadbury launched a Get Active program in 2003, helping 10,000 teachers get in shape. Underneath the image the words, “Don’t let a cold take away dress up mommy” are read in big, bold letters. • The "glass half full productions" is plugged at the very start of the advert. This appears to be a lingerie store for women. 1875 – Cadbury Easter Eggs For instance, Cadbury Schweppes' confectionery product portfolio encompasses the entire product range in the market, from chocolate to candy to gum. Is Cadbury's drumming gorilla the best ad of all time? It ran for 90 seconds and for 87 seconds of the advertisement there was no obvious reference to the product On the flipside, if the man's role was reversed with the woman it would portray the woman as being promiscuous, thus, creating a negative image on the woman. ... To get weekly news analysis, job alerts and event notifications direct to your inbox, sign up free for Media & Tech Network membership. • The song, Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight", comments of the gorilla "waiting for this moment all my life" is linked to such suspense, again heightening the tension. A 2007 Cadbury’s ad featuring a gorilla drumming to Phil Collins’ 80s hit In The Air Tonight has been voted the nation’s favourite TV ad of all time, in a new public poll. A popular product that is marketed this way is Axe body spray. The audience will remember such advert for its unconventional methods, which generally encompass the advert as a whole. 3. The famous gorilla. Keen to reinvigorate the brand, Cadbury approached Fallon London in March 2007 with a clear, concise brief: ‘Get the love back’. Write An Outline Using Either The Point By Point. This slogan went on to be used in a series of adverts for Cadbury, being recognisable in itself. This magazine ad is about a skin product for women. This was a major departure for Cadburys which would have been seen as a conservative company in an established market whose… The ad implies that using Axe Essence body spray you will attract beautiful women and it will make you more of a man since you’ll have “man’s essence” and you will feel better about your self-image, more successful in life, and therefore be more content. • Artificial lighting is used to produce a clear image, avoiding distraction once more. 365hey have on make up or the picture is photo shopped. For example, a NyQuil ad from the popular American magazine, Cosmopolitan, shows different ad techniques and American values. Cadbury's Gorilla Advert Analysis Who created this message? The slogan used in this ad is “It take a classic to build a classic” this slogan is as important to the ad as the image it. Phil Collins? It was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1905 and now consists of a number of different products. ...Effects of an Ad A description of visual description of this ad that make it appeal to there customers. The man's upper body is continuing walking happily with his arm around his assumed girlfriend. The lacking physical evidence of chocolate bars or other vulgar reference is used deliberately. The 2007 advert has been voted the nation’s favourite, but which other adverts stick in your mind? Cadbury Schweppes is the largest confectionery company in the world with a 10% share in the global confectionery market in 2004, a 40 basis points increase over 2003, as compared to Nestlé's share of 7.8%, Kraft's share of 4.9% and Hershey's share of 5.8% in the same period. Also the black bold font used in this ad attracts the reader’s attention to the facts being stated about the... StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes, “Symphony No. • A miniature metal animal (elephant, penguin, owl, fox, duck, squirrel, rabbit or turtle) was given away with specially designed cocoa tins in 1934. Such connotations can be translated into the promoted product; a chocolate bar. The Cadbury gorilla advertisement 28.1 The cadbury ad is aimed at everyone but most importantly 8-12 year olds kids. • Within the advert, there is nothing to suggest that Cadbury is a chocolate production company. Anuj Kwatra – U110009 Hitesh Agarwal – U110024 History of the Ad Gorilla Ad is a British advertising campaign launched by Cadbury Schweppes in 2007 to promote Cadbury Dairy Milk-brand chocolate.

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