can i become a pediatric nurse with a psychology degree

Because of this, a sunny personality and friendly nature are important, especially if the child is experiencing any distress during a visit. While those working in elementary and secondary school settings have a median salary of $69,870, that figure is $83,120 for professionals concerned with substance abuse. General Psychology: General psychologists are involved in the diagnosis and treatment of individuals with various types of mental health problems. If neglect is suspected, the pediatric psychologist would work with other members of an intervention team to rectify the situation immediately. Pediatric psychologists commonly work for government agencies as well, including agencies like the Department of Family Services. I'd take that into consideration first. The test is offered throughout the year in several locations in each state. The good news is that these five states still pay over the median salary for nurses, including West Virginia where nurses make just under $30 an hour on average. What Does a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Do? The exam is proctored and scheduled through a testing service called Prometric. Pediatric nurses are also often tasked with carrying out treatments prescribed by doctors, which makes a positive rapport with young patients even more important. Pediatric psychologists, or child psychologists, have a variety of duties, which may depend on their employment setting. Marriage and Family Therapy: In any family, issues are bound to develop that can affect communication and relationships. However, pediatric nurses are needed wherever there are kids who need medical care. Most of the demand is based on the greater number of older Americans who are seeking medical attention and a healthier lifestyle, but with Millennials having children, the need for pediatric nurses is also expected to increase. Here’s how to become a pediatric psychologist. Developmental psychologists study emotional, physical, cognitive and personality development. For example, a pediatric psychologist might engage in therapy with a child that is struggling with his parents’ divorce. In this capacity, pediatric psychologists evaluate children that may not live in a suitable home. In order to work as a developmental psychologist, a doctorate is usually required. Associate degrees in nursing are offered by some technical-vocational schools, community colleges and some universities. BLS Nursing and Pediatric Nurse Career Outlook, Pediatric Nursing Certification Board Certification Steps. Factors such as geographic location and work experience will help determine your exact salary, as will sector of employment. The Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology is a common denominator for both doctoral degrees, and is required to obtain a license (Bureau of Labor Statistics). For instance, there are things which can occur in childhood, such as neglect, abuse or death of a parent that can lead to various emotional, social and mental issues in children. Nursing is one of the noblest professions that exists. For example, a nurse who chooses to attain a master’s or Ph.D. can move into management and administrative positions in hospitals, clinics and other medical establishments. The Psy.D. Completed application. To become a nurse practitioner, a nurse must study to become a nurse practitioner through an accredited program and then pass the Family Nurse Practitioner Exam. They are in demand all across the country, and you can work your way up into nurse management if you choose to continue your education and certifications. Aspiring pediatric nurses have two options for nursing school: They can go through a 2-year program at a community college and get an Associate’s in Nursing or they can go to a four-year college and get a Bachelor’s in Nursing.

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