can two species share the same niche

When organisms of the same or different species attempt to use an ecological resource in the same place at the same time. [No two species can occupy exactly the same niche for long: Gause's competitive exclusion principle.] Two species can't occupy the same niche because of competition. Can two rice and corn share the same niche? (No two species can share the exact same niche, i.e. Biology it is a biopsy question that I need help on please help true or false. What is a resource? members of different species can not share same resources in nature for a long time. This is Gause's competitive exclusion principle.) This would cause a problem because one of the organisms that live in the niche with an organism will die faster. I'm not quite sure though, but I hope I helped. Community Interactions (pages 92–93) 6. ... 'survival of the fittest' we focus first on direct competitors of our own species--but any organism competing in the same niche can eat our dinner). When does competition occur? 1 See answer Alex101200 Alex101200 Answer: According to the competitive exclusion principle, no two species can occupy the same niche in the same environment for a long time. d. Different species can occupy niches that are very similar. Habitat is simply a term for the local environment that has certain conditions--such as amount of light, moisture regime, temperature profiles, and so on. Get an answer to your question "Explain why two different species in an ecosystem can share the same habitat but not the same niche ..." in Social Studies if there is no answer or all answers are wrong, use a search bar and try to find the answer among similar questions. True niche overlap is rare, as species will usually overlap partially but not fully. It is an advantage for two species to share the same niche. MANY species can live in the same habitat. Two species occupying the same niche will be competing for the same food resource. c. Two species in the same habitat have to share a niche to survive. Competition is between organisms that are struggling to survive in a habitat with limited resources. The competitive exclusion principle: No two species can occupy the same niche in the same habitat at the same time. 7. Rather than compete, which is energetically costly, a population may instead exploit its niche in a different way:-- Both first and second definitions fall short when organisms are asexually reproducing. Since the resource is limited, the stronger species will have more access to the food resource and will drive the other species to exclusion from that niche.

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