can you overwater a bald cypress

hill country should be adapted to alkaline conditions and hot & dry better than any other Bald Cypress.It is impossible to over-water bald cypress (well almost). But what worried me is that 95%--maybe more--of the foliage was lost. Last year we had one period of 37 days with no rain. 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Bald cypress have the advantage of being a le to drop their foliage when stressed. I just extended the mulch ring out to 3' and poured a little blue-box miracle grow. (I'm more concerned about my soil depth for the DRs so they can reach their potential. They've been in the ground for about 15 years. I had thought baldcypress were drought resistant because of my observations of some planted in Washington, D.C. They have asiatic jasmine planted under them but I believe they are getting enough water. You can even use a wipe on poly such as Arm R Seal. Good luck. I have checked for spider mites, borers and any other noticable insects and there are none. Young bald cypress will thrive if the soil remains saturated or even flooded during this time, as long as the tree is not completely submerged. (Just casual, non-expert observation), Here is a link that might be useful: {{gwi:409461}}. You say it will come back? The spots that took the finish are bare wood the rest is where it still had a finish. A few more pics. For example, an allee of bald cypress was … They are surviving not thriving (top few leaves are green, rest are brown). Jay Texas,I have 5 remotely planted bald cypress that I carry water to weekly along with pecan trees. The soil in the second area is somewhat sandy loam (backfill) and the first area where they are chlorotic is mostly clay. I hope this will not do more harm than good. It will likely adapt to its new surroundings faster and put on growth sooner, than a larger tree. It looks like you did not sand through whatever clear finish was on the top. At about that time they put down around these baldcypress trees some kind of fine sand/clay mixture as a kind of "pavement." Your 6' trees would obviously need more than these if that helps any. Usually, occasionally deep watering will keep them looking healthy. They will not germinate under water nor on dry soil. In drier soils, the tree will require extra water in the first few years, but will grow well if that is provided. So true. Bald cypress seeds require wet soil to germinate, but seedling roots cannot be submerged in water for long periods of time. And i do like to enjoy a beer on the patio when i am done in the yard! I think we take some of that survival skill away when we plant them in our yards or other landscapes vs where they grow naturally. Leaf shedding is something they do to cope with hot dry weather. When we finally got a good rain, they greened up. It was just too hot and we didn't get enough rain. Probably the right thing to do is stick your fingers into the rootball and make sure the water is getting in there. My Bald Cypress was fine (even though both were in very similar circumstances). All I had to do was give it slow deep watering every once in a while. Some do better than others. On the browning of bald cypress, I've seen young ones doing that this summer, both my tiny ones planted last fall and some that appear to be 5-8 years old in various landscape plantings. Remember, it is almost impossible to over-water bald cypress. We have several Bald Cypress in two different locations or properties that have some problems. 2 inches of water would saturate 12-16 inches depth of ground which would take 1200 gallons of water per 1000 sqft of ground. The tips of the branches and the top of the tree were still green. These structures are less common on drier soils, but may occur nonetheless. I gave all three trees a deep soaking--enough to take them through the fall. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. It is a table top so I am sure it had a hard clear on their. It has the same soil type and the same amount of irrigation. Anyway, the trees suffered for a time, and one had about 15 feet of its top die back. I was afraid, with the drought getting worse and a dry period forecast for the next two weeks, the stress could be too much for them. There was one 2.25 ince rain about 6 weeks ago, and about 4 weeks ago we had .7. Also plan on using a poly on top as it is a table. Dig down into the soil and test for soil moisture. Bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) is a unique deciduous conifer, reaching over 80 feet in height at maturity. It matures to 50 to 70 feet high and 20 to 30 feet wide, although smaller cultivars exist, such as 'Shawnee Brave'. For good growth to occur, the soil around the seedlings should never dry completely during the first year. Sarah Morse has been a writer since 2009, covering environmental topics, gardening and technology. It can grow in heavy, clay or mucky soil, but also dry sandy soils, compacted soils and garden-like loamy soils with good drainage. Area gets 30" annually. These tree are 2 ft. tall and get ~25 gallons a week. or bad? They will also know what grows well and will likely purchase from local or regional sources. It can with­ stand substantial wind, ice, and snow with little or no damage. You don't say how large your buckets are, and we don't know what your soil drainage is like. I don't think you're giving your bald cypress trees enough water.

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