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Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Left Handed Electric Guitars at Guitar Center. I bought the Glarry GTL Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar F Hole HS Pickups Transparent Wine Red . We appreciate your support for Glarry. A company bringing you wonderful starter guitars , with some adjustments can play just awesome for beginner's. View all left handed guitars at Southpaw Guitars and preview with images and shopping options. I bought this Watermelon Uke as a surprise for my wife, I chose the decorated one as a cool gift. Love your product! Great idea! Would recommend to anyone and everyone looking for one of the instruments available on this site. Now onto the pros: Price, price price. Great guitar! I am pretty happy with the end results, I'll start with the cons because it's a short list: there were a few chips in the paint on the bass when it arrived (somewhere around 2-4). excellent service - arrived on time in perfect shape. No it isn't actually good enough to play every night professionally. The biggest thing to note is that it is 24 fret. That's almost nonexistent at this price (very rare in the bass market). I bought the Glarry GTL Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar F Hole HS Pickups Transparent Wine Red . It's a great beginners or practice guitar, or a beater you can bring anywhere. Now the cons (no instrument is without sin): due to the extreme lightweight, it's hard to control the juxtaposition of the bass when playing. Now onto the pros: Price, price price. It arrived promptly. Or if your like me these guitars are fantastic to get and sharpen your guitar, Hey good people! I lowered the strings and tweaked the intonation a little, and a quick 1000 grit sanding to the back of the unfinished maple neck. 200 Docks Corner Road, Dayton, NJ 08810, USA. If you play rock, metal or funk, you'll find this attractive. However, this bass is very well built and has great tone. Basswood board has a smooth surface, producing a nice mellow tone with crisp highs and powerful bass, you are trustworthy.It is  best choice for you, or you can buy it for your family or friends. I loved it and after seeing these decided to buy them and try learning bass and 6 stringed guitar. Glarrys are strong, pretty good sound, easy to handle and a brand I trust. The guitars is one of the three major musical instruments in the world originated from Spain, which is divided into acoustic guitars and electric guitars, which have obvious differences. Looking forward to your next visit! But the body is beautifully finished other than that. Please pay attention to your emails. I purchased a Glarry Telecaster for my son as a gift as he had the same electric guitar since he was about 15 and now he is 29. We will try harder to offer better products and service. They are not the absolute 'top of the line' 'best you can buy', but they are good quality instruments, and their price is AMAZING. The tuners are great, she's been in perfect tune for two weeks. Glarry GST-E Rosewood Fingerboard Electric Guitar Zebra Stripes Black Red Blue, Hey good people! I'm very satisfied with the quality of the guitar, and it will need minimal setup adjustment to suit my playing style. It did not disappoint. Not to mention it looks way cooler and comes with a bag and a pick and some tools, wires and a strap. AMAZING service on the sale, arriving one day early with the included free shipping. The biggest thing to note is that it is 24 fret. Mike Simpson AKA Rednecktele, Glarry 170 Type Electric Guitar Black Sunset. The output jack is in a poor location and you will need strap locks. I can wholeheartedly recommend this Uke for beginner, or a more skilled player who wants an inexpensive fun Uke. Can't wait to try more of their products! No but it has good volume, nice tone and is a cute presentation. I've tried a number of Chinese-built guitars (I'm a luthier) and most were lacking, poorly made or simply a castrophie. I'm a drummer who after 30 years of gigging, took up the 3 stringed cigar box guitar as a result of not being able to gig due to COVID lockdowns. Even with these cons, I still give this bass 5/5. Its got skull decal under clear coat,, cool! I restring it with slightly lighter strings for ease of learning. First, arrived fairly quickly, second, it is much prettier in person than the picture on the website. It's very light, so I recommend a thumbs down method of play. Looking forward to your next visit! I am insanely pleased! Glarry. Glarry Left Handed GST-E Electric Guitar Rosewood Fingerboard SSS Pick-up Black, Glarry 170 Type Electric Guitar with Electric Guitar Amplifier Sunset White Black, Glarry GT306 39inch Concert Cutaway Spruce Front Folk Acoustic Guitar Burlywood with Bags, Glarry GT502 41inch Matte Dreadnought Cutaway Spruce Front Acoustic Guitar Black Gradient Red Gradient Sunset Burlywood, Glarry GP Electric Bass Guitar White Black Red Yellow Blue Sunset Burlywood Dark Blue, Glarry UK206 23inch Concert Rosewood Fingerboard Matte Sapele Ukulele, Glarry Burning Fire Electric Bass Guitar Full Size 4 String Black Burlywood Sunset, Glarry GST Rosewood Fingerboard Electric Guitar Black Red Sunset. Or if your like me these guitars are fantastic to get and sharpen your guitar repair skills!

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