cherry pineapple dump cake

This cherry pineapple dump cake is hands down my favorite dump cake! Instead, chill the butter and cut it into even slices. So thankful for this little crew of mine! I'D LOVE TO SEE! Now, I know that Dump Cake is not the “healthiest” thing to make. You’ll be hooked on these super simple, super delicious cakes! If I use two cans of cherry pie filling with the crushed pineapple will it still turn out good? Can you make this recipe with just blueberry pie filling? © Gonna Want Seconds. And if so how much should I use? It’s the easiest dessert recipe you’ll ever make and OH MY GOSH so stinking good. Chop up on stick of butter into small squares and spread evenly across cake mix. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Dump cakes derive their name from the method in which they are made—dumping ingredients into a pan to make a delicious (and oh-so-easy) cake. Sometimes cherry pie filling is a little skimpy on the cherries. Yes you can! Can add topping of ice cream. You’ve got to try them all! We were the two that had the sweet tooth’s in the family… still do! My mom use to make it all the time growing up and I can remember fighting with my dad over the last piece. This cake stores more like a cobbler. This cake with cherries really couldn’t be simpler to make, but here are a few extra tips to help you out! can of cherry pie filling over pineapple and spread evenly. *. This ensures you have the “best bite” every time. Sharing of this recipe is both encouraged and appreciated. I only have white cake mix, will that work instead of yellow?? I’m sure it’ll be at the top of your list too! to Thanksgiving. Great dessert and easy to make. I use unsalted butter. Yes you can just leave them out. This dump cake combines a can of cherry pie filling and a drained can of pineapple tidbits to make a bright fruity combo to support the familiar taste of a yellow cake. When I moved down to Texas, I started leading a women’s bible study on Monday nights and would make this dessert on occasion. Spread cherry pie filling on top of the crushed pineapple. Kathleen: There is no way the sodium can be 80 mg for one-eighth of this cake. BRUSSEL SPROUTS! It’s best fresh, so there isn’t a ton of make-ahead prep to do! Press down the cake mix- Where the cake mix meets the fruit is the most delicious, moist, fruity cake. Spray a 9 X13 inch baking dish with nonstick baking spray. Other than a can opener, you only need a spatula for spreading, a knife for cutting the butter, and a 9×13 cake pan to bake in! I ho, I don't post a lot of dessert recipes on here, but, ➡️ Make an EPIC Instagram worthy HOLIDAY C, Turkey & Gravy go together just like 2020 & the ho, My tried & true MOIST THANKSGIVING TURKEY RECIPE W, What daddy wants ... daddy gets! Ohh hurray! haha:), I recently just made it for my son. The best part of this recipe is its simplicity! Content and photographs are copyright protected. Layer slices of butter on top of the cake mix. This information will not be used for any purpose other than enabling you to post a comment. Bake in the preheated oven, 50-60 minutes, or until top is deep golden brown and bubbly. Get our newest recipes in your inbox PLUS our Free E-Book with everything you need to know about cooking Chicken confidently! I would think it should work out great. Scale 1x 2x 3x Ingredients. Thanks for asking, you’ll have to use 9×13 baking dish. This dump cake is going to be my contribution to the desserts for Thanksgiving. Use 2-20 Ounce Cans of Blueberry Pie Filling. And I'm so happy you're here! Now let me share with you our family favorite recipes! It’s best for the first two days! Layer the slices in rows over the top of the cake mix so you don’t get pools of butter or pockets of dry cake mix. Let’s head to the kitchen and get started! Of course, I was right. Hi Antoinette! Butter- Use real butter in this cherry dump cake. Dump cake has been around for generations and for good reason! Thank you for this cake , Is it ok to make it a day ahead. This will create a nice crust. Everyone raved about it ! It only takes 1 pan, 4 ingredients, & 5 mins to assemble! I made these years ago. I am a strong believer in “everything is okay, in moderation.”. Easy peasy ! The one my mama made most often <3. Well, you literally just dump all the ingredients into a baking pan, put it in the oven and complete awesomeness awaits you! Pecan Pie is. This Cherry Pineapple Dump Cake recipe is an easy 5 ingredient classic! The kid devoured this cake in 3 seconds flat, put his plate in the sink and said “mommy that was so good.. Where does the “dump” come in? Store it at room temperature, covered with plastic wrap or if your baking dish has a cover use that. How long did it have to bake? Like I said early, this recipe is crazy easy because all you do is dump everything in the pan. I hope it comes out okay! Wow! Hi Kate. Made with cherry pie filling, crushed pineapple and white cake mix, it’s a simple dessert recipe that hits all the right notes. It’s sure to impress. <3, I have used both. I like to say it’s not healthy but it’s DEFINITELY joyful. Required fields are marked *. I’m going to try it tonight. But a little indulgence now and then is good for the soul! Blueberry dump cake would be fantastic. The mix, alone, would be more than that, I believe. And we all need a little joyful right!? Layer slices of butter on top of the cake mix. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has tried to double this recipe? I have tried this before; with cherries it is great for the holidays. Bake until the cake is done, and the filling is bubbly. I’ve eaten them for 30 years. Arrange butter slices evenly over top of cake mix. Not beca. I was wondering if you use salted or unsalted butter, Hey Karla! This cake assembles so quickly and is best served fresh, so I don’t recommend freezing it as a rule. That sounds delish! A crostini that hits all the high notes – sweet, Who rules the world? Hopping for the best. No need to drain Just put the pineapples straight to the baking pan. I am going to make it again. Pressing down the filling into the fruit a bit creates more of that yummy layer. Gonna Want Seconds is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Copying and/or pasting full recipes to any social media/website/blog is strictly prohibited. More of your Favorite Easy Dessert Recipes? About Me →, Copyright © 2020 Gonna Want Seconds on the Seasoned Pro Theme. My guys love it. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Thanks! Sign Up & Get a FREE ebook with 7 easy recipes! Recently made one for Thanksgiving and loved it! You can’t beat a dump and bake cake! You can also subscribe without commenting. The pads of butter on top give it that nice crispy top, which is my favorite part of this cake! cakes cake mix, dump cake, less than 5 ingredients, pineapple, Anyone ever tried devils food cake mix w pineapple ‘ cherry pie filling, I make this but I mix a stick of butter and the cake mix, then crumble it over the top. Spread the cake mix evenly over the top and press it down slightly. DID YOU MAKE THIS RECIPE? Can you recalculate the sodium and potassium? * This post does contain affiliate links, I use these links because I value the products and believe in them 100% and would like to share that with you! Will it keep in the fridge over night. Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. I cut 1 stick and then added another cause it didnt cover the top so I cut another one to finish covering and after I put it thr oven I read the recipe again and it says make 12 tablespoon into 24! Pineapple Cake …

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