chewing gum that brushes your teeth

You brush your teeth to mechanically disrupt plaque maturation and to refill the Fluoride reservoir in saliva. In times or places where you can’t brush or floss your teeth, a piece of chewing gum might be better than nothing. The reviews for this gum is littered with comments about how well this chewing gum works on whitening your teeth. Chewing gum … Chewing gum that cleans teeth has been developed to make life easier for those with no time to brush. A new study suggests that chewing gum can trap and remove millions of bacteria By Franky Kentish 23 January 2015 • 18:14 pm Something to chew on: gum could be as effective as a toothbrush … If you’re out and about, a tooth brush may not always be readily available, but gum is easy to carry with you. Chewing gum after a meal can help remove starch and sugar from your teeth … Gum can help clean teeth after a meal and between brushes. A team led by Kai Leung, of the US army dental research detachment in Great Lakes, … 4 Sugar-free gum is the chew to choose Another area where dental experts agree: sugar-free gum … Yes, it can help lower your risk of dental decay but not by itself. Conclusions About Gum that Whitens Teeth One of the things we found to be very important about gum that whitens teeth , is that these products …

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