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4 Solutions. Janome Sewing Machine Dual Sew 3400. Before attempting to handle the parts, disconnect the machine from the power source. 1 Solutions. instruction manual. 0 Solutions. You did not mention needing a manual but here is a link to a PDF if one is … Reply. need manual. Free Manuals ... Janome Sewing Machine New Home 551. Reply. (Janome sewing machine operating instruction, or manual) or something close to that. If nothing else you will probably find several dealers, and repair shops that should be able to help you. Troubleshooting and Product Support Janome Sewing Machine. Janome Sewing Machine New Home … … And you might try a … After each sewing … Kaye Jackson says: at The feed feet on my machine are not moving. Janome Sewing Machine newhome 551. If you do not see your machine on this list please check in Retired Machines.If your machine is not listed there we do not have a copy of the manual. How do I fix it. New Home and Janome SX2122 - just a different name plate so any part that fits Janome should also fit your machine. Most stores can repair Janome/New Home sewing machines even if they do not sell the brand. 1,527 Problems and Solutions sewing machine manual. Thanks. Learning the vocabulary, parts and functions of the Janome sewing machine will help you troubleshoot this powerful and versatile machine.

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