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Civilization 6 is available now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. Food • Wonders, Concepts A Museum costs 1160 Gold compared to 1600 Gold for an Archaeologist, and you still have to build an Archaeological Museum for that. Each Archaeologist produced by a city which has constructed an Archaeological Museum can acquire three Artifacts (six for England in the base game and in R&F). Note that constructing, "OtherGovernmentIntolerance" (Governments.xml or Expansion2_Governments.xml), "TOURISM_CONFLICTING_GOVERNMENT_MULTIPLIER" (GlobalParameters.xml), (Your OtherGovernmentIntolerance + Foreign OtherGovernmentIntolerance) x TOURISM_CONFLICTING_GOVERNMENT_MULTIPLIER, Chiefdom vs Classical Republic = (0 + 1) * 3 = -3%, Autocracy vs Oligarchy = (2 + 2) * 3 = -12%, Oligarchy vs Theocracy = (2 + 4) * 3 = -18%, Merchant Republic vs Democracy = (2 + 3) * 3 = -15%, Fascism vs Communism = (5 + 6) * 3 = -33%, Communism vs Communism = no penalty, same government, Chiefdom vs Classical Republic = (0 + 0) * 1 = -0%, Autocracy vs Oligarchy = (0 + 0) * 1 = -0%, Oligarchy vs Theocracy = (0 + 0) * 1 = -0%, Merchant Republic vs Democracy = (0 + 20) * 1 = -20%, Fascism vs Communism = (20 + 20) * 1 = -40%, Democracy vs Digital Democracy = (20 + 20) * 1 = -40%. Relics generate Religious Tourism, specifically contributing +8 Tourism. Unlike regular Culture, it can't be used for anything by the civilization that produces it - instead, it applies steady pressure to all other civilizations that the player has already met. This restriction does not apply to other buildings (the Queen's Bibliotheque, the Bank created by Giovanni de' Medici, the National History Museum) and wonders, so you can use these to store duplicates while keeping the base yield of those Great Works. How to Get Visiting Tourists and Win a Culture Victory in Civilization 6. However, a second Great Work of Art from the same Artist in the same Museum produces only 1 Culture and 1 Tourism, so try to avoid this by moving your Great Artist around to create Great Works in different Museums - otherwise, you'll have to wait 10 turns to move their Great Works of Art. You're only in the medieval/renaissance era, culturally speaking. Game Mode • However, once they are on the field, they need a place to put their work in order for players to obtain a Great Work. Units (Unique units) • There are two different kinds of tourists which are important to understand when it comes to a Cultural Victory. Era • The total number of tourists a civilization attracts is calculated as follows: Note that civic boosts count towards the lifetime Culture accumulation. Pick The Right Policies. Museums give Great Artist points regardless of type; however, having one Archaeological Museum before the Industrial Era ends is important since it boosts Natural History. Tourism is one of the main statistics in Civilization VI. Diplomacy (Emergency • Espionage • Gossip • Grievances • Warmongering • World Congress ) • To win a Cultural Victory your civilization must attract a higher number of total visiting tourists than the highest of any other civilization's domestic tourists. Combat (Air combat • City combat • Flanking and Support • Zone of control) • If it can be auto-themed, then that would make it worth getting but it does not (so this Wonder is only strong under Kristina, and sometimes, Eleanor of Aquitaine for the Loyalty effect). Projects • all Religious Art is gone), since you are no longer threatened by the prospect that some of your Great Works might be rendered un-themeable. Difficulty level • say I generate 10 tourist and got no modifier to all civilization, is that 10 tourism divided or duplicated ? Scenarios • You can't attract tourists from civs that don't know you exist. The Hermitage is useful to some degree, but not necessary unless you are playing for a lot of Great Works of Art. Tourism, Lists Improvements • You will notice that they reach a certain number, which goes down afterwards - this is because your civilization's Tourism effect is calculated last, and it has taken out some domestic tourists to turn them into your visiting tourists. Production • Updates. There are many ways to approach this victory as well. Policy cards • Players will additionally get tourism from city walls after researching conservation with more tourism with higher leveled walls. City-state (Envoy • Suzerain) • Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack. One cannot attract more foreign tourists than a civilization has total tourists. -50% (Religious Tourism only) if the foreign civilization has the Enlightenment Civic. Each civilization is designated with numbers for domestic tourists and foreign tourists. Building •,, Each Great Artist can create three Great Works of Art. Agendas • These can normally be filled a lot faster than an Archaeological Museum, and you can theme all 3-4 of these early if you aim specifically for Religious Art. These units are able to create national parks which also generate tourism. Here we will describe National Modifiers (which affect your Tourism output irrespective of international affairs) and International Modifiers (which are applied to national Tourism output to determine Tourism pressure on each individual foreign civilization). If you can build it early and fast, it is relatively useful to hold duplicate works, but even that does not really justify the high cost for such low amount of resulting Tourism and Culture, except for when you have a Governor with the Curator title in that city. National Modifiers are often multiplied (not added together). Soundtrack • Tourism represents the special cultural appeal of a civilization to foreign civilizations. Much of the information here comes from a CivFanatics info page by Victoria.[1]. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Age (Historic Moment • Timeline ) • While the other standard sources of Tourism continue applying their steady pressure, strategic use of Rock Bands in the late game can significantly speed up your progress towards a Cultural Victory! Targeting the most culturally advanced civilization, combat wise, may be necessary to reduce the required number of visiting tourists or stop it from becoming unassailable. International Modifiers are summed (not compounded) and calculated per each foreign civilization. Faith • Any Cultural Victory will require careful application of Tourism modifiers. You can track their numbers in the Cultural Victory tab of the Victory screen. Great Works, Artifacts and Relics can only be created or housed if your civilization has appropriate building types, and free slots, to hold the item - for example, an Art Museum for a Great Work of Art or an Amphitheater for a Great Work of Writing. Afterward, you can theme Portraits and Landscapes starting from the Modern Era and Sculptures starting from the Atomic Era. Basil's Cathedral will grant +32 Tourism. Steam Achievements • Compounding of modifiers significantly increase the Tourism output above its base level. DLC • Civilization Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. how about tourism ? Districts • Starting a new game • The two types behave differently in the game world. Two Art Museums. After players have researched conservation, they will be able to purchase naturalists. However, it is better to balance the number of Art Museums and Archaeological Museums after the Industrial Era ends (i.e. It seems that quite a few people have had this bug since release, but perhaps not … Natural wonders • After exhausting cultural options, building Seaside Resorts, National Parks, unique cultural tile improvements, and having any other buildings that generate Tourism such as Walls, Ferris Wheels, Arenas, Stadiums, and Shopping Malls, will significantly add up.

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