concave mirror uses

The following are 25 practical uses of convex mirrors; 1. Solved Question for You. Uses of Convex MirrorsWe saw that, image formed by convex mirrors isPosition of the objectPosition of the imageSize of the imageNature of the imageAt infinityAt the focus F,behind the … and bigger devices such as aircraft, telescope etc. These mirrors are usually … Question. Uses of a Convex Mirror. We come across a variety of activities on a daily basis which involves their application. Side-view Mirrors. Following are some uses of concave mirror and lens-The most common use of a concave lens is its use in reading glasses; Concave mirrors are used … Among the following which is an example of a concave mirror? Convex mirrors are used as side-view mirrors in vehicles. Both concave mirror and lens are much more useful than those scientific experiments. Use of Concave Mirror. The usage of a concave mirror is very common in many household devices and equipment like shaving mirrors, flashlight, headlight etc.

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