corriedale wool characteristics

Corriedale is a cross, that of Merino sheep (bred for meat… yes, you read that right) with Lincoln, a long-fiber sheep that was made in New Zealand. The qualities of the fleece are its shine and softness. At maturity, large-framed Corriedale ewes weigh between 130 to 180 pounds, with rams ranging from 175 to 275 pounds. With an average fleece weight of 12 lbs, you can get a good amount of wool to work with. In fine wools, differences of around 150 cents can often be seen between a very low mid-break of single figures, and a mid-break in the 80 to 90% range. Longer wool tops receive a higher price for the topmaker, so greasy wool buyers usually pay premiums for low mid-break wool. Corriedale breeders established their own association in 1910, and 1924 published their own flock book containing details of 87 flocks. Price differences for POB can be seen across the entire clip. What are the characteristics of this wool? This good “character” exhibited by the fleece will show in the yarn, and a hint to ensure that is to attach a staple of the fleece to the side of your wheel. By then the breed was established in South America, Australia and North America with considerable success, large exports of flock as well as … The objective of this study was to evaluate the characteristics of wool produced by ewes of different genetic groups, ages, and reproductive statuses. The Corriedale produces bulky, high-yielding wool ranging from 31.5 to 24.5 micron fiber diameter. The cross produced a medium sized sheep, without horns and with balanced proportions.The Corriedale produces a lot of uniform and crêpe wool (between 5 and 7 kg for an adult sheep) whose thickness varies from 22 to 34 microns and the length from 8 to 13 cm. Why do we use it? A good Corriedale fleece is most attractive with a distinct characteristic being the evenness and clear definition of the staple crimp from the tip right to the butt. The yield percent of the fleece ranges from 50 to 60 percent. The Corriedale sheep is a sheep that is prized for both its meat and wool as it produces a high yield of both. The Corriedale sheep was developed in order to produce a true dual-purpose breed of sheep that had the best qualities of both the top meat and wool producing sheep around at the time. Above all, this wool takes its name from the breed of sheep that produce it. These qualities make is a wonderful fibre for handspinners, knitters and weavers. The fleece from mature ewes will weigh from 10 to 17 pounds (4.5-7.7 kg) with a staple length of 3.5 to 6 inches (9-15 cm). Corriedale wool is medium soft with luster, a well defined crimp and a nice staple length. Born naturally polled, or without horns, this sheep sports horizontal ears, sometimes with blue or black spotting. The Corriedale's face lacks wool. The rest of the body makes up for that, as the wool is particularly dense. So many questions that we will try to answer.

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