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He was tonsured a reader by his uncle, Theophilus, in the Church of Alexandria and under his uncle's guidance advanced in knowledge and position. Cyril was allowed to return to his diocese, and Nestorius went into retirement at Antioch. Sermon 66; Sermon 67; Sermon 68; Sermon 69; Sermon 70; Sermon 71; Sermon 72; Sermon 73; Sermon 74; Sermon 75; Sermon 76; Sermon 77; Sermon 78; Sermon 79; Sermon 80; SERMON LXVI. This affair brought not the least opprobrium, not only upon Cyril, but also upon the whole Alexandrian church.[4]. His education showed through his knowledge, in his writings, and his influence on other Christian writers of his day. Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree.... Is the northernmost point of Africa farther north than the southernmost point of Europe? These issues came to a head in 428 when the see of Constanti… Says Socrates: It was calumniously reported among the Christian populace that it was she who prevented Orestes from being reconciled to the bishop. Cyril is counted a… Kyrill von Alexandria - Cyril of Alexandria. Later he was banished to the Great Oasis of Egypt. St. Cyril of Alexandria, Bishop and Doctor of the Church (June 27) Cyril was born at Alexandria, Egypt. Socrates describes the events as follows: Cyril, accompanied by an immense crowd of people, going to their synagogues—-for so they call their house of prayer-—took them away from (the synagogues) and drove the Jews out of the city, permitting the multitude to plunder their goods. This article contains text from the Catholic Encyclopedia (1913), a publication in the public domain. Chapter 1. His writings and his theology have remained an important part of the tradition of the Church Fathers to this day. Though Theodoret still refused to denounce an earlier defense of Nestorius, John did so, and Cyril declared his joy over this in a letter to John. Cyril was named a Doctor of the Church in 1882, and his orthodox reputation within the Christian world led to his acquiring the title of "Seal of all the Fathers." After tearing her body in pieces, they took her mangled limbs to a place called Cinaron, and there burnt them. John of Antioch and his party arrived a few days later. He was enthroned when the city was at the height of its influence and power within the Roman Empire.Cyril wrote extensively and was a leading protagonist in the Christological controversies of the later 4th and 5th centuries. He, however, refused to receive the four bishops whom the council sent to him. Cyril then summoned a council of his own and composed a letter including 12 theological propositions which Nestorius must join him in anathematizing. He was tonsured and ordained as a reader by his uncle Theophilus in the Church of Alexandria and soon advanced in position. Before becoming patriarch, Cyril had supported his uncle Theophilus to achieve the deposition of the Antiochene Saint John Chrysostom from the position of patriarch of Constantinople. Cyril of Alexandria, Commentary on John, LFC 43, 48 (1874/1885). He closed the churches of the Novatians, a schismatic sect that denied the power of the church to absolve those who had lapsed into idolatry during persecution. The anthropology (doctrine of humankind) of the Eastern Fathers does not view the individual as an autonomous being but rather implies that communion with God makes the individual fully human. The position of Nestorius was that Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, may not properly be called mother of God (Greek, His opponents—first the Alexandrian patriarch, Cyril, and later Cyril’s successor, Dioscorus, and a monk named Eutyches—in reaction stressed Christ’s divinity and its relationship with Christ’s human nature through the Incarnation. Cyril has also been linked to the murder of Hypatia, the venerable female mathematician, neo-Platonist philosopher, and teacher, who was a frequent guest of Orestes. For this he was strongly criticized by the church historian Socrates of Constantinople: On the third day after the death of Theophilus, Cyril came into possession of the episcopate, with greater power than Theophilus had ever exercised. When he arrived with the imperial commissioner, Count Candidian, and his own friend Count Irenaeus, Nestorius found the churches of Ephesus closed to him. Cyril received a classical and theological education at Alexandria and … A correspondence with Nestorius followed. Cyril of Alexandria at Catedral Ortodoxa San Jorge.jpg 695 × 1,036; 651 KB. Cyril of Alexandria (c.376 – 444AD) is something of a Marmite figure in Church history. Cyril, on the other hand, came to Ephesus with 50 of his bishops. Premium Membership is now 50% off! Against Nestorius, Cyril taught the use of the term Theotokus—referring to the Virgin Mary as "God-bearer"—in his Easter letter for 429. Cyril received a classical and theological education at Alexandria and was ordained by his uncle. He was nephew of the patriarch of that city, Theophilus. Cyril of Alexandria was a theologian, bishop, Church Father, and Doctor of the Church. However, he also offered an olive branch by declaring himself willing to use the Theotokos to describe the Virgin. The conflict came to the fore over Cyril’s insistence that the Virgin Mary be called Theotokos (Greek: God-bearer) to describe the intimate union of the two natures in the Incarnation. Cyril wrote extensively during this struggle, in which he was closely allied with Pope Celestine I. xxv of Bk. He seems to have been of an Alexandrian family and was the son of the brother of Theophilus, Patriarch of Alexandria; if he is the Cyril addressed by Isidore of Pelusium in Ep. Weinandy, Thomas G., and Daniel A. Keating. New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article Cyril received a classical and theological education at Alexandria and was ordained by his uncle. John took the hint and urged Nestorius to yield. Cyril immediately therefore shut up the churches of the Novatians at Alexandria and took possession of all their consecrated vessels and ornaments; and then stripped their bishop Theopemptus of all that he had.[2]. He sent these sermons to John of Antioch, who was inclined to accept them as evidence of Nestorius' orthodoxy.

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