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Unfortunately, battery-powered wheelchair(s) with a wet cell battery shall not be accepted since it’s corrosive in nature and is considered to be a Dangerous Good; SpiceJet would request passengers with Visual Impairment to check-in early for their flight (approximately 2-3 hours before the flight departure) for a hassle free experience; If assistance is required within the airport, please make your needs identified at the check-in and/ or at the time of booking; SpiceJet will be able to extend a meet and assist service, individual safety briefings, priority boarding, assistance on-board in moving to and from the seat, reading the menu, helping in boarding and/ or de-boarding and also during flight connections; If you use a cane and/ or other assisting device, it may be carried in the aircraft cabin with you, provided it can be stowed in the overhead compartment. SpiceJet operates 243 daily flights between 30 Indian destinations and 2 international destinations, with leading levels of performance and service. Familiarisation Programmes for Independent Directors, Draft Letter of Appointment for Independent Directors, Company's Philosophy on Corporate Governance. centuries, Pune is also known as the ‘Oxford of the East’. Passengers with Intellectual disabilities or Down syndrome or Autism can book their flights by contacting SpiceJet’s Reservations at +919871803333/ +919654003333; While making the reservation, please advise us about your specific requirements and the best way to approach and assist in travel; Passengers with intellectual disabilities or Down syndrome or Autism may be required to travel with an Accompanying Passenger. Use Code VIADOM & get up to Rs.1000 Off on SpiceJet Delhi Pune flights. However, in order to meet the safety requirements as prescribed by the DGCA, passengers with mobility limitations which make it unsafe to facilitate aircraft evacuations will not be given a seat in a location where they would obstruct emergency exits, impede the crew in their duties, obstruct access to emergency equipment or hinder aircraft evacuation. Lonavla & Khandala, Torna, Karla Caves, Ashtavinayaka, Alandi, Purandar, Rajgad Hearing Disabled – partial or total inability to hear, Intellectual/ Learning Disabilities – IQ less than 70; due to mental/ physical impairments, for ex Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy etc. In a week, 8 SpiceJet flights operate on this route. Pune is a popular tourist destination. Check Delhi to Pune SpiceJet flight schedule, offers & status on If you are planning to travel with Spinal Support Equipment (SSE), we recommend that you please contact us on +919871803333/ +919654003333, at least 7 (seven) working days prior to departure and inform us of your SSE specifications. Flight from Delhi to Pune Check on Travelguru for all SpiceJet flights from Delhi to Pune. Visually Impaired – vision loss to such extent where it requires additional support. The first SpiceJet flight of the day leaves at 04:55 PM from New Delhi to reach Pune while the last flight departs at 12:30 AM. Passengers with psychiatric and/ or emotional disorders shall always travel with a suitable personal care attendant. Based on an assessment by SpiceJet’s internal physician, the passenger will be communicated about the status for their request for stretcher within 24 hours of receiving the duly filled-in MEDIF via e-mail. The flight SpiceJet distance is 1151.32km (715.4) miles; Current time in Delhi is 07:28, Nov 15 2020. In order to ensure the service meets your needs, our reservation team and/ or the staff may ask you some questions to determine the level of assistance you require. Persons whose medical condition may develop an adverse physical condition which could have an adverse effect during flight and on safety and emergency evacuation procedure, Reduced Mobility – wheel chair users (Old age/ Arthritis/ physical disability – loss of limbs, paralysis/ neuromuscular disorders – multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy). Wheelchair users or passengers using wheelchairs (mobility assistance); Passengers travelling with crutches/ braces/ other prosthetic devices; Passengers Travelling with Certified Guide Dogs; Passenger travelling with spinal support; Passenger travelling with an assistant for medical purposes; Passengers; with intellectual/ developmental/ learning disabilities; Passengers travelling with Internal Medical Devices; SpiceJet would be more than happy to provide a wheelchair for you, should you require this service. Assistance in moving to and from seats/lavatory. POC is allowed in hand baggage & check-in baggage both. bags, clothes, accessories, books and footwear. For convenience, you may request our Cabin Crew for the assistance required and we will do our best to assist the passengers in the best possible manner. activities like classical music, spirituality, theater, sports, and literature, Agency shall keep indemnified SpiceJet against any/all claim and/or damages arising out of or due to misuse of its credit card or Agency ID. Its easy-to-use interface makes the flight ticket booking process quick and hassle-free. Passenger whose Oxygen request has been approved should report at least 3 hours prior to the departure of the flight. Tulshi On an average, Delhi Pune flight ticket price is ₹3600* to ₹ 17839*. Book SpiceJet flights from New Delhi to Pune on Cleartrip. The trained attendant shall carry the treating physician’s certificate along with a prescription for a sedative medicine, which may be administered by the attendant, prior to commencement of travel or as may be required en-route. footwear and other items required for daily use at low prices. It offers the best deals for a SpiceJet flight between New Delhi and Pune. of Mutha and Mula rivers, Pune is known for its lively nightlife and vibrant atmosphere. Experience low cost air travel with the best in-class comfort, fares and baggage allowance. The flight SG8189 time is 2h 15mins which departs Delhi at 00:30 (GMT 5.5) and arrives Pune at 02:45 (GMT 5.5). It offers the best deals for a SpiceJet flight between New Delhi and Pune. Notification: We log the IP addresses of the

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