dickens cider energy drink

Gary They are launching Left Turn Energy Drink to appeal to the Nascar audience. What do you think? Has anyone tried this energy drink? ... Oh yeah I forgot, Dickens is the only energy drink to be sponsored by the Girls Gone Wild Tour. Comment. Today we have a Dickens Energy Cider (DEC) on the sample table! 1 decade ago I hear that it is a great energy drink.? … Dickens Energy Cider 10-19-2005, 01:04 AM. Anyone watching the stock? The marketing department decided to go for a black hair chic with red thigh highs and a skimpy red skirt holding a pitch fork! I have heard that there is a website that sells Dicken Cider and has recipe's etc. Anyone tried this yet? Dickens is distributed by DC Brands. I think they did a good job, too bad the label is better than the drink.

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