do bears eat foxes

Besides, like polar bears arctic foxes are also scavengers. There is a possibility that both might pursue for the same dead carcass and polar bear might try to hunt the arctic fox. Their relationship is not of a regular predator and prey. With the exception of the polar bear, which feeds mostly … However when the primary prey is not available (as is often do) the bears must supplement their diet with some secondary animals. We do know that polar bears do eat fish and other animals if it is unable to find its regular diet i.e. Yes polar bear do eat Arctic Foxes but only when it is unable to find its regular prey to hunt which is bearded and ringed seals. White bears need that blubber in days of hibernation. The question here arise that Do Polar Bears Eat Arctic Foxes as they also live in the same habitat. In some polar areas, black bears feed mostly on larger animals for the increased protein. Polar bears do not hunt arctic foxes in a way they hunt seals. In these colder areas, such as Northern Labrador, the black bears will take down fully grown caribou, deer and moose. Arctic foxes on the other hand do not seem to provide any such nutritional value. Nevertheless foxes can make a pretty handy meal when the food is scarce. When we, Polar Bears being the largest land carnivore, stand at the top of the food chain pyramid, How Fast Can a Polar Bear Swim – Polar Bear Swimming Speed, How Big is a Polar Bear – Polar Bear Size, How Much Does A Polar Bear Weigh – Polar Bear Weight, How Tall is a Polar Bear – Polar Bear Height, How Much Does a Tiger Weigh – Tiger Weight, What do Bengal Tigers Eat – Bengal Tiger Diet, How Many Giraffes Are There In The World – Giraffes Population, How Much Does A Bengal Tiger Weigh – Bengal Tiger Weight, What Do Stick Insects Eat – Stick Insects Diet. They have a predator-prey relationship. Will it kill one if it is unable to find anything else to eat. Arctic foxes usually hunt Lemmings (a rodent found in the arctic region) and will eat anything it can find in the frozen tundra. So polar bear will only go for hunting arctic foxes when its regular food is scarce and it will eat anything to satisfy its hunger. If the polar bear succeeds in hunting the arctic fox it will definitely eat it to survive. During this time if a bear shows up following the same carcass smell then perhaps the fox becomes the prey along with the carcass. Continue reading as we have discussed this in detail below. It is only in summer when polar bear is unable to hunt seals and thus it goes for other land mammals to support its diet. It happens mostly in summer when bears search for land-based mammals. Polar bears usually eat the blubber from the seal and leave the remaining carcass. Polar Bears and Arctic Foxes both live in the Arctic region and in some areas may share the same habitat. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Do Polar Bears Eat Arctic Foxes. They love to eat seals all day long. Bengal tigers are powerful predatory animals. The geographic location and the habitat plays a big part in which other animals black bears will eat. Their hunting habits are more similar to the Black bears rather than the Grizzly bears. Favourite answer. Now polar bear can probably focus on fresh live animal (fox) instead of a dead carcass. Glacier National Park Animal/Plant Eats Is Eaten By Grizzly bear Rodents, Insects, Elk calves, roots, pine nuts, grasses, large mammals, carrion, berries Polar bears do interact with many small arctic mammals. – Polar Bear Grizzly Bear, How often Do Polar Bears have Cubs? They smell the carcass and if they find one they try to get one. Foxes do not generally form part of the diet of any bear species, no. However, if there are plenty of seals available for the polar bears to hunt then polar will never eat an arctic fox even if it is more easy to capture than the seals. The species is said to be one of the biggest, We all love tigers as they are big and beautiful. Arctic foxes are very smart, they keep a safe distance when they follow polar bears for scavenging food in desperate time. Answer A bear will definitely eat a fox since it is a carnivore. During winter, the ice-floes eventually become too thin to support bear’s weight and as it turns out polar bears choose other animals such as foxes, birds and carcasses to make up the deficiency of food. – Polar Bear Giving Birth, Polar Bear Cubs Facts – Interesting Facts about Baby Polar Bears, Polar Bear Penis – Polar Bear Genitalia and Testes Growth. | Polar Bear Diet & Eating Habits, Largest Polar Bear on Record –Biggest Polar Bear Ever, Polar Bear vs Tiger – Siberian Tiger vs Polar Bear, How Many Claws Does a Polar Bear have? But due to global warming, When it comes to size, Polar Bears are one of the biggest land carnivores. They follow other big predators such as polar bears to feed on their leftovers. Since both are carnivores, there is a fairly good chance that they may encounter each other in search of food. That is not to say that polar bears actively pursue arctic foxes or migrate long distances in search of them. They smell the carcass and if they find one they try to get one. Polar bears for the most part of their lives rely on ringed and bearded seals. The top speed for arctic fox is 45 km/h while that of polar bear is 40 km/h. Polar bears (Ursus maritimus) and arctic foxes (Vulpes lagopus) appear to share the same geographic distribution in that both species inhabit the Northern Hemisphere—Arctic. It has a luxurious white coat that helps it in blending in the snow and camouflage itself for safety and hunting purposes. Foxes rarely get killed by polar bears but they do show a tendency to get closer to such a large predator especially when both of them find a dead animal to feed on.

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