do they make 6x9 subwoofers

This thread is archived. it totally depends on you mate. They created these monster 6x9 speakers with 2" voice coils (usually only subs have 2" voice coils), and double stacked 60 OZ Magnets (most subs have magnets half this size). Before finishing off, you may want to install a 6x9 subwoofer or tweeter along with your speakers. If you want to put them in a factory location, you're going to do some hacking. save hide report. Do any europenan manufacturers make 6x9 subwoofers? One drawback with the 6x9 speakers is that they produce high-level frequencies. 6x9 do produce bass frequencies but are incomparable to what a subwoofer will produce. First and foremost, they do not have the same footprint as a traditional 6x9. Make sure to use the proper screws, bolts, and grilles or panels to secure them. I have owned the tang bands. if you want real bass you gotta get a subwoofer. best. since you got some 'cheap' 20w kickers upfront. Before you make a purchase, though, find out what you must know to narrow down your choices according to your needs and preferences. Coaxial two-way and three-way 6x9 subwoofers contain multiple drivers. 4 comments. Not to forget that the sealed 6x9 speaker plans are incredibly compact, which means they require minimal space in your vehicle. It's properly isolated so I can run an infinite baffle sub but I can't find any proper 6x9 subwoofers. getting the 6x9 will give you mid-bass, mid-range and highs. They should fit tightly on your car. However, keep in mind that sealed box designs require more power than the ported enclosure, so we advise you to hook it with an amp with ample wattage to facilitate optimal performance. i recommend you to get 6x9 for a fuller spectrum of sound in the car, but if you are more of a bass guy, get a 19" sub. There is an empty 6x9 hole in the rear deck of my jaguar. They also require the least materials, making them cheaper to build. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast . share. A traditional 6x9 is an oval whereas the tang bands are like if you cut a circle in half and connected the halves with straight lines. 2. Replace those factory speakers and quickly notice the difference in sound and quality of your music and audio. Sort by. When you are ready for new 6x9" speakers, think of Kicker. Focus on tightening up properly to prevent any movement while they work. In order to build the loudest 6x9 speakers on the market the Rockville engineers had to create these with the ability to handle more bass than many subwoofers. 40% Upvoted. How do you use a coaxial two-way and three-way? Each driver converts a different range of electric audio signals into sound waves. Kicker 6x9" Speakers Information 6x9" speakers from Kicker are an excellent choice for crystal clear music. Install Subwoofers & Tweeters.

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