does morality depend on religion?

It depends on what you mean. Saying this does not deny that religion has a role to play in morality and moral judgments. If morality does depend on religion, the process of secularization, in the course of which religious belief and practice wither away, seems to pose a serious threat to morality. For many however the question is how morality should be linked with religious faith, even though this causes problems between secularists and religious believers. The connection between religion and morality is a complex subject to say the least. Common-sense objections to morality being dependent on religion He makes the most compelling case I've thus far heard which argues that morality exists independently of religion and divine command. Does morality depend on religion? So identified with religion has morality been that one of the most popular views holds that they are inseparable. That being said, religions can have a very influential factor in the creation and passing of morality to the next generation; but this is simply because a religion is simply a social grouping. At one time many social theorists were confident that secularization was inevitable in modern and postmodern societies. Many people do believe that morality does depend on religion for reasons such as that western law was originally based on Biblical principles, for example stealing and murder. We've only provided a brief look at the subject here. Morality in no way depends on religion as an entity in and of itself. Only that religion is not the foundation for these judgments. Rachels thinks morality depends on reason, not religion; He thinks they are conceptually separate/independent; Although one can link them by seeing reason as a God-given power that allows us to understand what is right and wrong. All the major religions claim to have a "monopoly on truth", as it were. Morality and Religion “Let us move on from pre-occupation with whether the law should enforce morality by accepting that the law does, and should, depend on moral values” Discuss. Rachels focuses first on the "Divine Command Theory," which essentially "says that… Is morality only possible with religion? Experience has undermined this confidence. Does Morality Depend on Religion?4.1 The Presumed Connection between Morality and Religion Separation of Church and State Roy Moore and the ACLU Priests and ministers as moral experts Belief that morality can only be understood through religion Religion associated with morals while atheism is not Bertrand Russell 4.2 The Divine Command Theory Implies that morality is arbitrary Act … Morality and religion are seperate ; Can Morality Exist Outside Religion If you mean to say that, is religion concerned with morality, then yes. The most interesting chapter of James Rachels' The Elements of Moral Philosophy deals with the connection between morality and religion, specifically Christianity. Must morality rest on a belief in a deity?

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