drip irrigation system for citrus

Netafim USA uses cookies to give you the best … This is why agriculture irrigation systems are so essential. Griffith citrus grower Mac Burge thought he had a problem. Netafim is an industry leader in drip irrigation systems for citrus trees. When trees go into water stress, fruit tends to be smaller, too. With a drip irrigation system… 3 February 2020. Solar irrigation system meets daily demand of citrus trees. Summary In a country where water for irrigation of orchards … Underwatered trees lead to low yields. Citrus fruit, in particular, requires a lot of water to perform well. Learn more about the benefits of irrigation for oranges, lemons, limes and other citrus. A prerequisite for successful drip irrigation, however, is a well-established deep root system that can only be obtained with proper soil preparation. Mac wanted to upgrade the existing gravity pipe and riser irrigation system on his 18.6 hectare citrus orchard to a more efficient and less labour-intensive drip irrigation system…

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