drum bus compression settings

All of my drum compression happens individually on a drum by drum basis. I use sends to feed the drum tracks I want to this bus. I also create a stereo DRUM FX bus to which I insert a compressor. With that in mind, drum bus compression is no doubt a popular and highly useful form of compression – one that can be used to easily create a cohesive sound amongst the percussive instrumentation in a song. I never really use it to be honest with you. https://ledgernote.com/.../understanding-mix-bus-compression Couple that with the overall mix bus compressor and it's usually enough. Let’s look at 4 separate ways you can use drum bus compression in a step by step manner. #12 BLUElightCory, Aug 15, 2009. I set the input of this new track to a bus that is available, then rename that bus “drum P” or “smack” or whatever you want so you can know that’s your drum parallel compression track. A bus compressor can really add some magic, but if the wrong settings are dialed in, it can really ruin your drums & you can lose your punch & energy. compressing the perfect drum bus These quick production tips will definitely save you time in the studio and improve your workflow. Using a sidechain with a HPF will definitely help if you're going for some overall compression on your drum bus. I set the attack to fast and the thresh hold very low so it smashes the transients. attack/release compressions settings for drum compression. Then I will go to my original drum tracks, Kick, Snare, toms, etc etc.. and from each of these tracks, send a copy of them to that new parallel drum track you created and titled.

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