ds3 dark sword build

I use this build partly for fashion, mostly for usefulness and dealing with invaders. Get the Lightning Blade miracle-buff. what stats gear and etc, cant seem to find a guide. 32 base Dex up to 40 with rings equiped, which I think it's a nice cap for a melee build. While the weapon itself is a beast in the early game with the Fire Gem infuse, it is the bleed damage and it's ability to stagger bosses that makes this weapon really shine which is why we pump Luck up to a minimum of 20. Quite flexible in terms of soul level, follows simple formula. The Dark Sword is a powerful weapon that will suit newer players or those running a build that mixes strength and dexterity. Vitality we up to 30 because with this 30, we can beat around 10 (!!!) Keep all arrows (normal, great arrows not necessary) Fire arrows- fire arrows :O Moonlight arrows - ice arrows Catalyst in inventory for hidden body for magical cloak (link to the past) for when you want to just run by stealthily or set up gank city Fire/black fire bombs for your bombs of course! For stats, mainly a faith/dex build, however I started as a knight; Vig 30 Att 15 End 30 Vit 20 Str 20 Dex 40 Int 14 Fth 40 Luck 7 For the most part, gunna use sharp infusion, refined doesn't help nearly as much as I initially though with the 20 str. In PVP: be respectful; resist the urge to be cheap with the special scythe attack, use it only occasionally and DON'T SPAM; always gesture; if opponent is being cheap, disrespectful or attacking you while you gesture, judge his/her sorry ass and go full Friede on them. I chose higher dex for casting speed for spells at the same time as increasing bow and sword damage to open an array of weapons for Link to also buff his sword should a player want to Trying to think of a good hammer, but just don't have them on my character currently, but think a lightning blacksmiths is the way to go with how the stats are distributed, particularly with str at 20. Which is perfect for the twinblades. In PVE: harvest the mindless fools' souls and judge the mighty. Ideally, you want Egyon of Carim's armor, which you can get by killing him once you have invested a bit into strength and vigor. The faith would enable the use of miracles to get weapon buffs/ magic shields. This is especially great against R1 spammers or gankers (oh and you can put a Resin on your weapon... like more bleed, perhaps?). 04 Mar 2020 05:35 . VOLDERMORT. Slaughter everything and everybody as you go and get the Sunlight Spear Miracle. A pure healing build, not at all designed for solo fighting. Thank you! Onyx Blade is simply a placeholder weapon, but is fine to use in its own right: I'm looking for any type of build that focuses heavily on large weapons and elemental damage (fire, lightning, bleed, poison) anyone got any suggestions, after going through all these builds ive found nothing. I tried to post it calling it "wandering gwyn knight", but for device problems I failed. Hollowed Barbed Straight Sword +10 / Carthus Rouge, My first attempt at a luck build that wrecks most of the enemies in the game and it's great also for pvp, Ultimate NG Playthrough Pure Builds (Co-Op, Invasion, and Duels), 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 for each Pure build, (Hybrid builds will only be at Level 60 and above, see below). Upgrade this sword to +10. DON'T GANK (unless you are a Darkmoon phantom; duty before all else, after all)Sorry for cluttering the comments but I just want to inspire people to be more creative with their PVE and PVP... it gets tiring to see the same suits of armour (I'm looking at you Fallen Knight set) and weapons. Why? In this guide shows how you become a Lothric Knight in the early game. Starting with the Assassin is recommended, since the Estoc is a godlike weapon and the Spook Spell is of great use troughout the game. It does amazing dark damage, scales with Intelligence and Faith, can one- or two-shot Lothric Knights before the Castle. So if your first from software game was bloodborne, then this build may be found interesting. For a great Pyro experience, you should target a 40/40 Intelligence/Faith and pick at least 30-end weapons. 5) RINGS: Havel +3, Favor +3, Ring of the Sun's First Born, Morne's Ring.6) MIRACLES: Sunlight Spear, Soothing Sunlight, Tears of Denial, Sacred Oath. Here are 3 example builds that will perform very well. Pick up the Chloranthy Ring and Grass Crest Shield. 1. Dex&Luck///Anri's Straight Sword&The Great Scythe, luck and vitality + symbol of avarice & two crystal sage rapiers & rusted gold coins, Faith&Str&int&dex | Lorians greatsword + firelink set and crystal chime, Vigor: 30, Endurance: 30, Vitality: 30, Strength: 40, Dexterity: 40. He who shall not be named. This would be a hybrid dex/attunement/faith build. Claymore. However, if that is not working out for you (like against poison), replace it with one or two miracles (Replenishment and Blessed Weapon are safe choices).

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