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Thus, the exposure risk to Eurasian Spoonbill via the ingestion of environmental medium can be summarised by the following equations (Liu et al., 2015): (3) I df = 0.648 BW 0.651 where I df is the food consumption rate (g/day, dw), which can be estimated by allometric regression models ; BW is the bodyweight of Eurasian Spoonbill (g (Eq. The bill has a yellow patch at the tip. We predict that the recovery to former densities of young flatfish and other juvenile/small fish in the Wadden Sea will be tracked by changing diets (more fish) and an increase in the size of Eurasian Spoonbill colonies across the Wadden Sea. A large white species similar to Eurasian spoonbill, from which it can be distinguished by its pink face and usually paler bill. ", Breeds in Africa and Madagascar: Royal spoonbill (Platalea regia) During winter, the birds migrate south to the tropics. Its food includes insects and other small creatures, and it nests in trees, marshes or rocks. The Eurasian spoonbill has white plumage, black bill, and black legs. The bird is also found in North Africa. Sangareddy: A Eurasian Spoonbill that survived the trauma and injury after getting entangled on a piece of the discarded fishing net two months ago has been having a tough time feeding.. Seasoned birders spotted the bird at Ameenpur, Osman Sagar and other lakes in and around Patancheru several times over the past two months, and took photographs of its struggle. For example, the Camargue population takes two migratory routes: an Atlantic route, with a wintering site in Spain, and Mauritania and Senegal, and a central European route with a wintering site generally in Italy or Tunisia. The feeding behavior of a spoonbill is a chain of feeding and inter-feeding bouts. A unique prey handling behavior of the Eurasian Spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia) was observed at Büdös-szék, a soda pan near Pusztaszer, Hungary, on 13 May 2007. Eurasian Spoonbill/Common Spoonbill A common spoonbill. The Eurasian Spoonbill is a species that has several migratory strategies according to the particular individuals. Abstract Feeding Black-faced Spoonbills (Platalea minor) were studied in four main areas along the coasts of South Korea, Taiwan, China and Vietnam. They fed on nekton, mainly fish and shrimps, varying in length between 2-21 cm that were caught by sweeping the bill in the water. The Platalea leucorodia has a wide range stretching from Europe to Japan. Food and Feeding Sites of the Eurasian Spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia) in Southwestern Spain EDUARDO AGUILERA, CRISTINA RAMO AND CLAUDINE DE LE COURT Estaci6n Biolo6gica de Dofiana CSIC, Apartado 1056 41080 Sevilla, Spain Abstract.-We analyzed the food composition of 47 regurgitations and 11 stomach contents from nestling Eur-

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