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The Arbor Day Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit conservation and education organization. These striking and dramatic trees are wonderful as specimens on a lawn, or to create a focal point in your garden, perhaps in a corner, or among other special trees. The European Beech is superior to the American Beech for planting in urban areas. Instead of being green, the leaves in spring and summer are bronzy purple to dark, almost black, purple. It is great for both smaller and larger landscaping projects, while being easy to maintain and resistant to many of the common pests and diseases. Buy affordable European Beech trees at our online nursery. The Arbor Day Foundation unfortunately cannot fulfill any refund or replacement requests without the proper images or documentation that supports the claim. Other trees have a tall central trunk, with main branches growing out horizontally, and then drooping dramatically. They are captivating and unique specimens, adding something special to any garden, and they are ideal choices to mark special occasions, or to plant just because you love beautiful and interesting trees. With their smooth gray bark, delicate branching and simple leaves, there is something very basic about a Beech Tree, that simply says ‘tree’ directly to our hearts. Beech forests grow from Norway to Italy, and in France 15% of forests are Beech. In fall they turn coppery, which is why these trees are often called copper beech, as well as the more obvious name of purple beech. The species is a forest tree native to central and Southern Europe. Grown in the open, it will branch and develop a wide, rounded canopy, and in a forest, it will be more like a pillar with a narrow canopy. adroll_adv_id = "RK545AVNKVEJFFRYPAE7DC"; Trees with pendulous branches always attract attention, and a mature weeping beech is spectacularly beautiful. Forest trees were often cut down regularly for firewood, called ‘coppicing’, and they quickly re-sprout into multi-stemmed trees. The European beech has been described by many experts as the finest specimen tree available. We’re here to help, if you ever have any questions, please feel free to call or email us. The tree’s leaves change color with the passing seasons, which make it an attractive hedge in many outdoor spaces. It is usually not eaten by deer. adroll_version = "2.0"; The Copper Beech tree, also known as the European Beech tree, is a gorgeous statement tree sure to get attention in any landscape. The leaf has a characteristic wavy look around its edge, and fine hairs, especially on the underside, when young. If grown as a hedge, trim in late winter, while still dormant, and again in early summer, once the spring growth matures. Beech Trees; Skip to page navigation. The tree is also grown in Spain, and it is an important part of natural forests across Europe. It was in widespread cultivation both in Europe and America by 1880. It is a classic, beloved hedge choice and has the added benefit of holding its copper-colored fall leaves on the branches all the way through winter … When you become a member you receive discounts of up to 33% on trees in our Tree Nursery. They need room, as mature trees can be 60 to 80 feet tall and almost as wide, so choose a planting spot carefully. based on 15226 ratings and reviews, 30% Off Entire Order-Limited Time Sale-Code: TURKEY30. Keep mulch a few inches from the trunk, but over the root zone. List view. Also known as ‘Roseo-marginata’, it has purple color on a variegated leaf, which creates spring and early summer foliage that is a vibrant and dramatic purple pink, turning more purple in summer, and bronze in fall. Europeans in particular love their beech trees, from Scandinavia to England and France. Neighbors won’t be able to resist this eye-catching tree, even from down the block! The bark is thin and easily damaged, leaving permanent scars. Grand kings of the forests across all the northern parts of the world, Beech Trees are usually not seen in gardens in the natural form, but instead in forms with gorgeous purple or pink leaves, often with weeping branches, or as narrow, upright forms. One has a broad crown, with spreading main branches and drooping side branches – a graceful form. It will provide you with unmatched year-round beauty — shimmering green leaves unfurling in the spring, dense shade in the summer, striking autumn foliage, and a pleasing winter silhouette. The naturally large European beech (Fagus sylvatica) is well-known as a towering deciduous tree, but it also can be shaped into a stunning hedge. The Arbor Day Foundation is happy to provide a one-time refund or replacement per order under the following term and conditions: Our trees and shrubs are living things. Is a popular ornamental choice for parks and gardens, Produces beechnuts that are an important food for wildlife including wild turkeys, foxes, and porcupines, Can be planted farther from compatible pollinator, Roots re-establish quickly once planted, meaning growth will begin quickly, Higher survival rates in poor planting conditions. Your trees will be shipped at a suitable time for planting. Filter (2) Beech Trees. When grown among other trees they will be more slender, and more upright, but grown as a specimen in the open they will form a broad, spreading crown eventually well over 50 feet across. The leaves are simple ovals, 2 to 4 inches long, with narrowly-spaced veins, a pointed tip, and a finely-toothed edge. The European beech has been described by many experts as the finest specimen tree available. They finally turn bronze-gold in the fall. Beech Trees are large forest trees, growing to 50 to 80 feet tall, and trees 140 feet tall exist. adroll_keywords = "Beech Trees"; With the option of ordering either standard or semi-dwarf trees and either bare-root or potted, be sure to consider the benefits of each option when deciding which is best for you. It is not so tolerant of urban conditions, and it does best in deep, rich soils that are moist but well-drained. ‘Purpurea Tricolor’ – This is perhaps the most visually spectacular of all the colored beech trees. Most weeping forms too will cover large areas in time, so give them plenty of room.

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